When schools partner with The Social Institute, parents can access easy-to-follow guides about popular social media apps, healthy family discussion topics, and other resources that support positive, high-character student experiences.

The Social Toolkit

The Social Toolkit is a library of family discussion topics, expert advice on tech trends impacting students, and useful context for scenarios that students face daily.

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Learn how your child can use the hottest apps positively. Plus, get curated, best-in-class resources and privacy settings so they stay safe.

  • Read expert breakdowns of Snapchat, Instagram, and more
  • Tackle gaming — from PlayStation and Xbox to Fortnite and Among Us
  • Stay ahead of trending social media platforms for teens

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Family Huddles

Family Huddles reinforce important topics through casual conversation. These topics align with #WinAtSocial Lessons to extend the discussion beyond the classroom and encourage students to engage with their families.

  • Questions designed to spark deeper conversations
  • Scenarios commonly experienced by students
  • News and research studies to provide real-world examples

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Wall of Wins

Kids can’t be what they can’t see. Show your child positive social media use cases that your child can follow and learn from. Regularly updated with real-world examples.

  • Show your child how celebrities use social media positively
  • Learn how teens nationwide are using social media positively
  • Get inspired to use social media positively yourself

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Parent Newsletter

Key Components of our newsletters:

  • What Students Are Talking About
  • Trending News
  • Upcoming Webinars
  • Family Huddles to Empower Your School community
  • Featured School Playbooks and Insights

Parent Presentation

Equip parents with best practices, knowledge, and everyday tools to help their children navigate social-emotional health, social media, and technology positively. 

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