The Social Institute’s story is often best told through the lens of our wide-ranging, diverse group of partners. We remain committed to serving every community’s specific needs. Our team works with each school to develop a custom, sustainable plan that works for them. These case studies explore how TSI adapts to help every partner – from the largest independent schools in the urban areas to small public middle schools in rural communities – fuel their students’ health, happiness, and future success.

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How Fellowship Christian enhances education through tech & equips students for a tech-fueled world that aligns with Christian values

Fellowship Christian School (FCS) is a private, covenant Christian school in Roswell, GA. As a Christian school, FCS fosters a culture of belief, belonging, and growth, rooted in a commitment to Jesus Christ. This case study examines how TSI’s peer-to-peer learning platform integrates into Fellowship Christian’s ‘Programming with Purpose’ framework, enabling students to align their use of social media and technology with their Christian beliefs.


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How #WinAtSocial improved student learning through technology at Glenlyon Norfolk School

Glenlyon Norfolk School (GNS) is a co-ed independent International Baccalaureate day and boarding school in Victoria, BC, Canada. As an IB school, GNS ensures that all students learn foundational and high-level thinking skills at a challenging level. This case study explores how Glenlyon Norfolk School partners with The Social Institute to empower students with the skills,  competencies, and mindsets they will need to be successful in a tech-driven world.


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How St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School is empowering middle schoolers to be their best through a student-led, positive approach to social media, tech, & well-being

St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School (SSSAS) is a college preparatory Episcopal School in the Diocese of Virginia that educates students from ages 3 through grade 12. SSSAS serves students from across Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. The school’s curriculum fosters an appreciation for the diversity and interconnectedness of the human experience by challenging students to ask more questions, give consideration to other points of view, and never settle for the easy answer. This case study explores how the middle school at SSSAS uses #WinAtSocial to foster connection and strengthen its school community.


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How The Pennington School proactively addresses student social media and tech use with peer-to-peer technology

Founded in 1838, The Pennington School is an independent, coeducational school with excellent day and boarding programs for 500+ students in grades 6 through 12. The Pennington School is committed to developing individual excellence in all its students. This case study explores how The Pennington School uses #WinAtSocial to improve student well-being, resilience, and soft skills.