Blog April 24, 2022

Student influencer Dino Ambrosi teaches others how to optimize their tech time

This week, we are excited to introduce Dino Ambrosi. Dino is a senior studying data science at UC Berkeley, but found that transitioning from high school to college was more difficult than he anticipated. Dino found himself repeatedly using his phone and social media to escape stress and anxiety, which later spiraled into an addiction. He realized his addiction was preventing him from reaching his full potential in college and lead to him missing out on countless opportunities. As a result of this, Dino recognized that he needed to make a change. He took a break from school to go work for a startup, and began to rebuild his digital habits. After years of trial and error, Dino finally built a relationship with his devices that allowed him to live a better life. Now, he is on a mission to help his peers do the same. Dino teaches a course at UC Berkeley on building better digital habits to over 60 students who have cut back on their screen time by over two hours per day on average! He also just announced Project Reboot, which is a summer camp for rising high school seniors and college students designed to help them reset their relationship with technology. 

Blog April 13, 2022

How Randolph School created a welcoming and engaging learning environment

Randolph School

Randolph equipped their students with the skills to manage their emotions, created a safe and welcoming classroom environment, helped students and parents better understand social media and tech, and strengthened the connection between students and teachers. All of this was accomplished through their partnership with The Social Institute by implementing the #WinAtSocial Program.

Blog April 11, 2022

What is restorative discipline and how does it relate to social media & technology

The Social Institute

On one hand, social media and technology are powerful tools. On the other hand, they are distracting toys. As the way students use social media and technology continues to evolve, what does that mean for school discipline policies? Teachers and students alike are tired of silent lunches and after-school detentions. And we all know that scare and restrict tactics when it comes to phones and social media is not effective.