Blog September 21, 2021

The Social Institute Student Influencer Program: Introducing Jamie Skarupsky

Find Your Influencers Student Takeover

Each week we select a different student to take over our Instagram and highlight how they act as a positive influence and inspiration in their communities. This week we are excited to introduce Jamie Skarupsky. Jamie is a senior on the women’s soccer team at Murray State University. At her school, Jamie is a part of the Make-A-Play foundation, a club of elite black student-athletes who are striving to break barriers of race in athletics. Jamie also hosts a podcast and runs an Instagram account called “Don’t Kill Her Vibe” where she uses her platform to empower female athletes around the world. She shares the latest news stories in women’s sports, important facts, and advocates for gender equality in the sports world. Be sure to check her out on Instagram at!

Blog September 20, 2021

Picture Perfect: How laws, rulings, and educators can help students handle the pressure to be perfect

Norway is the most recent country to pass a law that requires all content creators to disclose when they have filtered or retouched a photo. This new law applies to social media influencers, celebrities, and advertisers. In addition, the law mandates that social media influencers must be transparent as to whether or not the post is a paid advertisement that yields potential benefits to them. So, why does it matter to us?

Blog September 20, 2021

The Top 10 Takeaways from the 2021 #WinAtSocial Summit

#WinAtSocial Summit 2021

The Social Institute’s #WinAtSocial Summit brought together thought leaders and innovators to provide K-12 educators with insightful discussion and actionable strategies that support students’ social-emotional well-being as they returned to school this fall. Attendees learned how to level up their school’s SEL efforts, prepare for fall, and address the impact of social media and technology on student well-being. We explored simple and effective strategies to navigate core competencies, from character development and soft skills to diversity and inclusion.

Blog September 14, 2021

The Social Institute Student Influencer Program: Introducing Ben and Alex Joel

Find your Influencers - Student Influencers Program

This week, we are excited to introduce Ben and Alex Joel. Alex and Ben are the co-founders of a tutoring service called Intutorly. At Intutorly, volunteer high school tutors are matched with elementary school students in need of academic support. The tutors teach subjects such as math, science, reading, writing, ESL, Spanish, Chinese, debate, and more. Ben and Alex launched Intutorly last year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in efforts to combat learning loss from the closure of in-person schools and the shift to remote learning. Since its launch, Intutorly has served over 1000 students! They have even been featured on Good Morning America, CBS News, and The Washington Post.

Blog September 9, 2021

Helping Students Remember 9/11, Twenty Years Later

Remembering 9/11, 20 years later

As the 20th anniversary of 9/11 quickly approaches, we have the opportunity to address the historic events of that day respectfully as we share stories and help students learn from the tragic day in 2001. Today, nearly one-third of U.S citizens are under the age of 25, with little or no first-hand memories of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  In fact, all students in K-12 schools today were not alive at the time. With that in mind, here are helpful resources and considerations as you prepare for discussions about September 11th.