Blog June 9, 2021

Social-Emotional Learning Remains in the Spotlight

A nationwide survey of top employers revealed the five most in-demand soft skills. A closer look into the latest research uncovers an infallible truth: developing soft skills remains an essential component to evidence-based SEL.

Blog June 2, 2021

The Social Institute expands team to meet increased demand for Modern SEL

The Social Institute

Increased burnout for teachers, soaring screen time for students, and elevated concerns among for parents are three of the lingering challenges faced by schools in the aftermath of the pandemic. The key to overcoming those obstacles? Embracing and activating a growth mindset. But how do you actually do it? What are the proven strategies for using a growth mindset to support students?

Blog May 31, 2021

Where social media and CASEL competencies intersect


It’s no secret that today’s students are spending more time online, with a significant amount of it on social media. And the pandemic only increased the level of social media time students typically spend. So, of course, we can now see clearly the significant impact that students’ online experiences are having on their well-being.