Blog December 31, 2020

How current events impacted students in Fall 2020

Did students feel set up for success? Did social media make the election more or less stressful? Did students trust social media for political news? Here’s what we learned in Fall 2020 from #WinAtSocial LIVE which sits at the intersection current events and social-emotional learning.

Blog December 18, 2020

Three ways to budget for social-emotional learning

Social-emotional learning (SEL) initiatives correlate with improved long-term academic and life outcomes. According to CASEL, there is also an $11 return for every dollar invested. Are you interested in prioritizing SEL, but unsure of where to find the resources? Here are three ways to help your school community budget for SEL initiatives.


Blog December 16, 2020

How to strengthen school culture in 2021: Key insights from The Social Institute

The Social Institute is eager to take what we learned about students in the fall of 2020 to equip and empower our partners in 2021 and beyond. Through our anonymous Culture Check feature, gamified #WinAtSocial lessons, and national survey results, we’ve put together several data-driven takeaways to help guide and inform how schools address social-emotional learning following the winter break.

Blog December 1, 2020

The Social Institute’s Guide To Buying Your Child A Smartphone

Are you contemplating whether or not to buy your child their first smartphone this holiday season? It’s a decision faced by millions of parents and one that charges to the forefront every holiday season. Laura Tierney, Founder & CEO of The Social Institute, offers up four key questions to ask to ensure you make the right decision for your family, and five immediate steps to set your child up for success.

Blog November 25, 2020

How social media impacts a student’s social-emotional health

Is social media to blame for the rising levels of stress and anxiety in today’s youth? Or do new studies suggest a wave of exaggerated and unfound fears? Here’s a closer look into both the positive and negative effects of social media along with some ideas for how to best support students learning to navigate their social world.

Blog November 11, 2020

Interview: Instituting Social Media and Technology Policies in Schools

For Deans of Students throughout the country, instituting social media and technology policies sits among the most unenviable tasks. How do you keep up with technology that changes every day? Before joining The Social Institute as Partner Success Manager, Lutkus spent 13 years working in independent schools, including five as the Dean of Students at Gaston Day School in North Carolina. As a senior school administrator, he oversaw the transition from flip-phone to smartphone and social media’s rise to prominence, a seemingly overnight development that left schools scrambling to play catch-up.

Blog August 3, 2020

#WinAtSocial Summit 2020

#WinAtSocial Summit 2020: Empowering Educators in SEL, Social Media, and Technology.

The #WinAtSocial Summit is a two-day virtual experience that will bring together leading voices and experts to discuss best-in-class strategies for social-emotional learning (SEL), crafted for the digital classroom.

Blog August 1, 2020

The Social Institute Announces Inaugural Social-Emotional Learning Summit for Educators on August 19 – 20

The Social Institute (TSI) announced today that they will be hosting their inaugural #WinAtSocial Summit: Empowering educators in SEL, Social Media, and Technology on August 19-20, 2020. This free, two-day immersive experience will bring together leading voices and experts to discuss best-in-class strategies for social-emotional learning (SEL), crafted for the digital classroom. Join us to explore ways we can support students’ health, happiness, and future success. #WinAtSocial

Blog July 14, 2020

Student Q&A: The effects of going TikTok viral

In one post, @IzzyBashara went from TikTok creator to TikTok viral. We huddled with her about what it was like coming back to her phone with hundreds of notifications and how she is handling the continued fandom today. 

Blog June 9, 2020

Public Schools Team Up with The Social Institute to Provide Gamified, Positive Social-Emotional Learning to Students

The Social Institute announced partnerships with two additional public schools and one public school district. Northview High School, Burgaw Middle School, and Lake Forest School District now join 60+ other schools and districts around the country to provide students with the world’s first-ever gamified curriculum addressing SEL, social media, and technology: #WinAtSocial. 

Blog February 25, 2019

The Social Institute Releases #WinAtSocial, The World’s First Gamified, Positive Social Media Curriculum

The Social Institute announced that its pioneering new curriculum, #WinAtSocial, is now available for K-12 schools across the country. #WinAtSocial is the first-ever gamified and positive social media curriculum for students, parents, and educators, and has already been rolled out at select pilot schools to support their digital citizenship and social emotional learning programs.

Blog September 26, 2018

A college student reimagines Instagram Famous

Instagram Playbook

20-year-old student Abby Straub, a student-athlete at Franklin & Marshall, breaks down the meaning of Instafamous and begins to reimagine what social media could be all about.  Less about likes and looks, more about authenticity and originality

Blog June 20, 2018

Accountability will be easier with iOS 12

When Apple’s new operating system, iOS 12, rolls out later this month, it’ll be the first time “parental controls” are extended to parents, too. This means that families who are living up to high standards together will have a much easier time keeping each other — not just the youngest in the house 👦👧 — accountable.