Blog January 25, 2022

Creating A Safe Environment: Parents need to help kids navigate tech

The Social Institute

The Social Institute’s CEO and Founder, Laura Tierney, spoke with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester, N.Y. on how families can help students navigate technology. Check out what she has to say about tech “Do’s and Don’ts,” allowing students to “coach up,” and helpful resources as we navigate the ever changing trends in social media and technology.

Blog January 21, 2022

What Students Think About The Top Emoji Trends from 2021

The Social Institute SEL

While many things changed over the past two years, like remote learning, working from home, and other pandemic safeguards, the way we connect with others online remained the same. According to the New York Times, 9 out of 10 of this year’s most used emojis are the same as those from 2019. And the tears of joy “😂” emoji prevailed as the most used emoji, even in another year that saw many hardships and uncertainties.

Blog January 18, 2022

Student Influencer Darci Anderson on Finding Your Niche

Strike a Balance

This week, we are excited to introduce Darci Anderson. Darci is a Junior at The University of North Carolina. She is a STEM student majoring in Biomedical Engineering with Chemical and Neuroscience minors. Outside of school, she loves taking time away from her phone to read, catch up with friends, cook, excise, and go outside. During her time at UNC, she has found a way to “Strike a Balance” through her presidency of Carolina Adapts Toys for Children (CATCH). The club focuses on modifying toys for children with different abilities by adding an external button to aide with easier use. Their mission is to “CATCH” the kids that fall through the cracks of mainstream toy design. Darci loves seeing how CATCH impacts and builds their community, and is excited to continue working with others for a great common cause. 

Blog January 14, 2022

10 Things Students Wish You Knew About Social Media

The Social Institute

What you hear about social media on the news probably isn’t what the platform is all about. And if you have children, you’re probably not getting much info there either… We don’t blame the students. It’s a little awkward when an adult starts asking about social media. So we talked to students for you and gathered insights that they think you should know.

Blog January 11, 2022

Student Influencer Kobe Brown Use Social Media to Advocate for Mental Health and Social Justice

Use Your Mic For Good

This week, we are excited to introduce Kobe Brown. Kobe Brown is a Junior Student Athlete at UNC Charlotte majoring in Criminal Justice. He is a member of the school’s track and cross country team, but is passionate about getting more involved on campus. Recently, he joined the Student Athlete Executive Board where he specializes in athlete wellness. He is also a member of the Student Government Association (SGA) Senate as part of the Diversity and Equity Inclusion Committee. Kobe doesn’t stop his involvement there. He also serves as a member of the Student Advisory Board under campus’s Counseling and Psychological Services. He continues to use these roles to fuel his passion for mental health and social justices!