Teach Modern Life Skills, Gather Student Insights, and Empower Your School

How #WINATSOCIAL Supports Educators

With real-time insight into student experiences and lessons at your fingertips, you can equip students with healthy tech habits and stronger academic performance.

This curriculum empowers all teachers to foster meaningful discussions. It has made a difference in connecting our school community. We’re using #WinAtSocial Insights to gather feedback and inform our planning.
Dr. Julie Mayring
Middle School Director
Bay Ridge Prep, NY

Actionable insights to support students effectively

#WinAtSocial Insights delivers powerful, real-time insight into school culture & student experiences by capturing and analyzing student perspectives and well-being.

Uncover the school’s biggest challenges, inform school policy & communications, and enable high-impact teaching in a healthier learning environment. Data is captured and analyzed by The Social Institute’s technology so that educators can easily view important insights and take steps to support their school community.

Discover how schools are already making data-driven decisions to better understand students and strengthen school culture.

The #WinAtSocial Cycle


  • Keep up with the latest student trends, including social media and tech
  • Identify roadblocks to student health and learning
  • Understand & support school culture
  • Enable high-impact teaching
  • Inform school policy and communications
  • Benchmark your school or district



  • Real-time data capture and analysis, any time of year
  • Leverage an array of filters to view insights by gender, month, and more.
  • Easy-to-use dashboards with actionable recommendations
  • Fully integrated survey capability, with customizable surveys
Case Study
How Bay Ridge Prep is Implementing #WinAtSocial Insights to Strengthen their School Community and Support Students
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Blog July 18, 2022

How to build your Student Intelligence through a continuous learning cycle

Continuous Learning Cycle

As educators, we all understand the importance of creating an impactful learning environment for students. However, this requires more than a room full of desks, a whiteboard, books, and 1-1 devices with a strong internet connection. Research shows creating a space that fuels student health, happiness, and success requires truly understanding and equipping the whole student. Our team at The Social Institute calls this Student Intelligence. Read this blog to learn how your school can build its Student Intelligence.

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See anonymous student response data that captures student experiences in an easy-to-understand format, with actionable steps to improve student well-being.


Access visual dashboards that show simple, aggregated measures of student well-being, school culture, and social and emotional skill-building.

School Leaders

Make data-driven decisions about school policy, teaching, and school culture to strengthen school culture and cultivate an effective learning environment.

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