Last updated July 1, 2019

The Social Institute partners with school to make available pursuant to a subscription (the “Subscription”) certain content, materials and data, including without limitation curriculum lessons, student videos, login credentials, and unique school codes (collectively, the “TSI Materials”).  Under the Subscription, you, as either (a) a member of the faculty or staff of such partner school or (b) a parent or guardian of a student attending such partner school, will have access to certain TSI Materials.  The TSI Materials are the confidential and propriety material of The Social Institute and/or its licensors.  As such, The Social Institute is dependent on you to help us maintain the confidential nature of the TSI Materials. 

Therefore, you agree that:

  • You will not share your login credentials or unique school code with any third party.
  • You will only access the TSI Materials as permitted pursuant to a Subscription while (a) employed by a partner school or (b) your student is a student at a partner school.
  • You will not download, distribute, sell, lease, modify, or otherwise provide access to the TSI Materials, including without limitation The Social Institute’s proprietary lesson plans, to any third party. 
  • I will stop using and delete or destroy any and all TSI Materials, both physical and electronic, upon the conclusion of the Subscription.

You can view our Terms of Use here.