Life Skills for the Modern Day

We empower school communities to navigate their social world positively — including social media and technology — to fuel their health, happiness, and future success.

Our Evidence-Based, Student-Respected, Sustainable Approach

  • Comprehensive, systemic program supporting students, faculty, and parents
  • Turnkey and easy for teachers, with immediate opportunity to build relationships with their students
  • Student voices are incorporated throughout our work
  • Access real-time insights to help educators make the best decisions for their community
  • Real-time lesson updates as trends impacting student experiences evolve
  • Our team of digital natives bridge the divide between students and experts
  • Addresses social media, technology use, and student experiences
  • We keep it positive: Our lessons empower and equip rather than scare and restrict


The Social Institute's easy-to-implement, web-based platform provides engaging and turnkey lessons, real-time insights about students' wellbeing, and useful resources for teachers and families.

Engage 100% of the students with every lesson. This highly interactive experience engages all students while delivering school-specific insights to help educators and school leaders build stronger learning environments.


Identify the biggest challenges you should be addressing, inform school policy and communications, and enable high-impact teaching and a healthy learning environment. Data is captured through student responses in #WinAtSocial Lessons and Surveys, then analyzed and shared with educators through an easy-to-understand dashboard, with actionable steps to further support students.

#WinAtSocial Lessons

Support your students with a comprehensive approach to student well-being, social media, and technology use. #WinAtSocial delivers student-embraced, age-appropriate lessons that highlight student perspectives and voices. Lessons are updated year-round as student experiences evolve, reviewed by researchers, and aligned with evidence-based CASEL competencies and the Understanding By Design framework.

Trending Lessons

New Trending Lessons are released monthly to address current events, tech and social media trends, and news stories impacting students. Schools adopt #WinAtSocial to instill long-term positive change while addressing the most relevant, pressing topics of the day.

Faculty Professional Development

Invite your teachers into a community of thousands of educators nationwide. We offer resources including facilitation tips, webinars with thought leaders, research on student experiences, and more.


  • Distinguish your school with best-in-class #WinAtSocial Lessons.
  • Address social media and technology’s impact on student health.
  • Save faculty time and strengthen relationships with students.
  • Cultivate student resilience, soft skills, and stronger school culture. 
  • Inform leadership with aggregated student insights.
  • Enable families to support student well-being and skill-building at home.

The 2024 Student Insights Report: How Social Media, Tech, and Current Events Impact Student Well-being

In 2023, we gathered insights on how social media and tech impact student well-being from more than 29,000 students through TSI’s Annual Student Survey and more than 1 million responses through our K-12 learning platform, #WinAtSocial. What do these student insights tell us about how the ever-evolving world of social media and tech can fuel student health, happiness, and future success? 

Empower Your Entire School Community

We partner with schools to address a wide variety of needs. Every school is unique, so let's find the best way to help you community.
"Before we started using #WinAtSocial, my students would roll their eyes when I announced doing an SEL lesson, but now they ask when we are doing the next one."
Kelly Colquitt
8th Grade Teacher and Dean
Pace Academy, GA


From interactive, engaging lessons to the Student Ambassador Program, empower your students to make high-character decisions online and off.


Strengthen relationships with students and provide transformative teaching. With professional development, real-time classroom insights, and more resources, we help educators excel.


Equip parents with social media how-to's, student trends, and discussion topics for healthy family conversations.
TSI Student Ambassador
Atlanta, GA
“I attended one of The Social Institute's partner schools and also became a Student Ambassador at TSI. I've seen first-hand how their student-led approach impacts lesson content and the interactive #WinAtSocial platform in amazing ways. Lessons meet students on their level, which can make all the difference when it comes to discussing topics about social media or student well-being.”

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