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Helping schools navigate social-emotional health, social media, and technology use

Are your students:

  • Using social media without regard to future consequences?
  • Trying to navigate challenging or harmful social-emotional situations?
  • Hyper-focused on how many “likes” they get?
  • Anxious due to gossiping, online drama, or cyberbullying?
  • Unaware of the private info they’re sharing publicly?

Students average 7.5 hours of screen media time per day (not including time for school or homework) and, simultaneously, cyber-bullying and reputation-damaging posts are running rampant as educators struggle to keep up. How can educators communicate effectively with students in ways that the students respect, discussing important topics that are already impacting students’ lives?

The Social Institute partners with schools nationwide to deliver turnkey programs in social-emotional health, social media, and technology use. Our positive approach is sustainable throughout the academic year — and it is one that students co-create, respect, and embrace.
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How we empower schools:

#WinAtSocial Curriculum: Comprehensive, turnkey program for 5th – 12th Grade
A comprehensive, sustainable program that engages and educates your entire school community: students, parents, and educators. Topics range from overcoming the fear of missing out on texts, apps, and time with friends to recognizing the science behind screen time and social media, all reinforcing our 7 Social Standards. Students will experience gamified lessons easily integrated into advisory, homeroom, or health class. Educators easily use our turnkey solution and also can elect to receive additional professional development training from TSI. Parents see what the students are learning and receive ongoing tech tools, guidelines, and advice to help their children navigate social media, video games, and devices.

#WinAtSocial LIVE: Current events and topics related to social-emotional health issues
Schools also incorporate #WinAtSocial LIVE, our newest offering that addresses the most immediate issues facing students each week. As an enhancement to the #WinAtSocial Curriculum, this program gives educators real-time insight into how students are feeling and what they’re experiencing socially and emotionally both online and offline. With the #WinAtSocial Curriculum and #WinAtSocial LIVE, schools equip their communities to navigate immediate social-emotional challenges while also helping students create long term resilience and wellbeing.

Let’s help more students take positive, high-character approaches in their social interactions and #WinAtSocial! Find out what our partners schools are saying.

Speak with our team:

Additional coaching services:

We care about students and want to find the best way to help your school community. We can share how similar schools are using #WinAtSocial along with some or all of the services listed below.

Student Pump-Up Presentation (webinar or in-person)
Introduce #WinAtSocial to your student body in an interactive, relevant way that students respect and embrace. Our Founder and CEO Laura Tierney will share her inspiring journey and insights using technology positively both as a student and entrepreneur.

Student Leaders Presentation Prep (webinar or in-person)
Supporting our student-led approach to effectively engage the larger student body, we will train student leaders to co-present our pump-up presentation with our CEO. Student leaders will prepare their message, research real-world examples to support their advice, and identify ways to champion our positive approach.

Faculty SEL Professional Development (webinar or in-person)
While our lessons are turnkey and most faculty pick it up naturally, you can opt for our expert trainers to empower your faculty with effective skills for facilitating social-emotional learning and for engaging parents.

Parent Presentation (webinar or in-person)
Equip parents with best practices, knowledge, and everyday tools to help their child(ren) navigate social-emotional health, social media, and technology positively. Designed for parents of students in 3rd-12th Grade.

Custom Proposals
We tailor our services to best fit your vision and needs for positive social-emotional learning and social media education. Reach out and we can create an approach that meets your goals.

What educators are saying:

“We're looking for something that can ground us as a community and this program is exactly that. What we like most about this is that it protects the five inches between students' ears"
Chastity Rodriguez
MEd, LMFT, Upper School Counselor
Kingswood Oxford School, CT
"Before we started using #WinAtSocial, my students would roll their eyes when I announced doing an SEL lesson, but now they ask when we are doing the next one."
Kelly Colquitt
8th Grade Teacher and 8th Grade Girls' Dean
Pace Academy, GA
“Teachers are beyond thrilled with this. They keep coming up to me to say thanks for bringing this to the school!”
Dr. Rich Edwards
Middle School Assistant Head & Academic Dean
Heathwood Hall, SC
"Kids are SO pumped about the material. We have done many other initiatives and I have never seen the kids this excited. You're speaking their language. The message is resonating."
Dr. Julie Mayring
Middle School Director
Bay Ridge Prep, NY
"Our #WinAtSocial Program has been a big hit with our kids, parents, and educators. If you don’t have a resource like The Social Institute helping you equip your students, parents, and faculty around social media, you are like a coach without a complete playbook of your daily responsibilities as a school leader – you'll always be on the defensive rather than the offensive.”
Doreen Kelly
Head of School
Ravenscroft, NC
"We are thrilled to engage in a three year partnership with Laura Tierney and The Social Institute. Our students and parents have longed for a sustained, systemic message about how to connect conversations, use, and education about technology and social media. Laura's engaging, positive, and developmentally appropriate work with our faculty, students, and parents allows us to have an ongoing, supportive, and educational dialogue about how to leverage social media for respectful outcomes. We feel our commitment to community health must include such a systemic educational approach to understanding the potential positive impact "social" can bring. The Social Institute is changing the way families and schools partner to understand "social." Glad to be a part of it."
Susan Perry
Assistant Head of School for Student Affairs
Ravenscroft School

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