We’re on a mission to help students and their role models (from parents to Olympians) navigate social media positively.

Founded by Duke athlete and social media expert Laura Tierney, The Social Institute works with schools, parents and leaders, teaching students positive ways to handle one of the biggest drivers of their social development: social media. By reinforcing character and leadership strengths like empathy, integrity, and teamwork, and by teaching teens and their role models to be their best selves on all platforms, we help teens win the game of social media. 👊 🏆 

With backgrounds in world-class athletics, marketing, and social media management, our team stays on the front lines of social media and works with forward-thinking institutions. Our partners include Ravenscroft School, Oldfields School, Norfolk Academy, Cary Academy, U.S. Olympic athletes, Duke Men’s Basketball, The Women’s Sports Foundation, and other leading organizations around the nation.

We offer various services, including one-of-a-kind speeches, interactive workshops, school curriculum, brand consulting, and a digital educational platform for parents — The Social Locker Room.

With each service, we help teens win the game played on the world’s largest field: social media.

It’s time to suit up