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How #WINATSOCIAL Equips Families

We equip families with the in’s and out’s of social media, insights on student trends, and discussion topics that align with #WinAtSocial Lessons. Schools that partner with The Social Institute can offer families complimentary access to the Social Toolkit, a quick-read resource with the latest social media tips & trends and more to support positive, high-character decision-making.

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Cynthia Hanks
Mom of a 7th Grader
Saint Raphael School
"The parent presentation that evening was then packed with solid information, relevant examples, a clear message, and step-by-step recommendations that will benefit the Hanks house. I really enjoyed how The Social Institute tailored the presentation to our own school’s needs and provided tools to navigate this ever-changing world of social media. I came home surprisingly refreshed and optimistic that there is even more possibility to social media than I knew of. These teens have influences from social media that are shaping who they become as individuals, and I see tremendous value in learning technology simultaneously with my child."

Social Toolkit

The Social Toolkit offers family discussion topics, expert advice on tech & social media trends impacting students, and insight into social situations that children face daily.

Family Huddle Questions

Family Huddles are short conversations about common social and social media scenarios. Proactively huddle with a child to build trust and prepare them to make thoughtful, real-time decisions.

Parent Presentation

Equip parents with the best practices, knowledge, and everyday tools to help their children make high-character decisions and build emotional resilience to fuel health, happiness, and future success.

The 2024 Student Insights Report: How Social Media, Tech, and Current Events Impact Student Well-being

In 2023, we gathered insights on how social media and tech impact student well-being from more than 29,000 students through TSI’s Annual Student Survey and more than 1 million responses through our K-12 learning platform, #WinAtSocial. What do these student insights tell us about how the ever-evolving world of social media and tech can fuel student health, happiness, and future success? 

Support Your Educators

Need a turnkey solution that inspires faculty and empowers students? Address social media, technology use, and student well-being without overburdening faculty.

Empower Your Students

From interactive and engaging lessons to the Student Ambassador Program, empower your students to make healthy decisions now and in the future.

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Let's help your school's parent community with proactive, positive resources that align with #WinAtSocial Lessons.