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Platform Playbook: Equip students to navigate Snapchat in high-character ways

At its most basic level, Snapchat lets you send your friends pictures, videos, and messages that disappear after the viewer closes them. It also allows you to post photos and videos onto your “Snapchat Story.” Instead of these posts disappearing immediately after someone else opens them, they are visible for 24 hours. Download this Snapchat Playbook to empower students to navigate it in positive ways.

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School Playbook: How to help students handle the pressure of taking tests

Whether your school community serves students in primary school, middle school, or high school, one thing’s for sure – taking tests and final exams are common stressors for students. As educators, we have the opportunity to not only educate our students, but to also nurture their well-being as they navigate the challenges and anxieties around testing. Download this School Playbook to discover best-in-class strategies for helping students handle the pressures around taking tests.

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The 2023 Social Student Report

Recently, we gathered insights from nearly 23,000 students, giving us the largest data set of its kind in the country. Our goal was to gain insights into the experiences and needs of students, and what we learned was eye-opening. The Social Student Report provides valuable data that schools nationwide are using to make informed decisions about addressing student well-being, building stronger school communities, and equipping students to make healthy decisions.