Setting Family Standards to Use Tech for Good | Elementary School Edition

From Minecraft to FaceTiming to YouTube Kids, students are gaining access to technology earlier than ever before. In fact, The Social Institute’s research shows that by the time students reach the 4th grade, more than half of them are using these popular apps on a weekly basis. This means it’s never too early to start thinking about the standards your family wants to set about technology.

Every family has their own set of standards and ideas when it comes to screens and tech, which is why we encourage families to huddle together as a “team” and discuss which guidelines work best for them. 

Download the Family Social Standards Agreement for elementary school aged students to:

  • Huddle with your students and brainstorm the standards you will have for technology within your family
  • Discuss the settings to include on new devices and platforms
  • Proactively set children up for success when it comes to social media and technology

Family Social Standards - Elementary Version