Press December 14, 2020

The Social Institute Unveils Curriculum for 4th Graders on SEL

eSchool News covers The Social Institute’s expansion into fourth grade. After initially launching its gamified social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum in middle school and high school, The Social Institute is adding a fourth grade component to its #WinAtSocial curriculum beginning in January.

Press November 25, 2020

Inspirational Women Leaders Of Tech: Laura Tierney of The Social Institute On The Five Things You Need To Know In Order To Create A Very Successful Tech Company

I received my first cell phone when I was thirteen, and since then, was lectured by adults on how devices will destroy our generation, tarnish our reputations, and damage our mental health. I clearly remember while in high school, and later on as a student-athlete at Duke University and Team USA, adults harping on the Don’ts: Don’t text this, don’t share that, don’t join that app, and don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see. They never told us what TO do…

Press May 7, 2019

Parenting in the Age of Social Media

On iTune’s #1 ranked educational podcast, Laura discusses positive ways students utilize social and how much we should be monitoring our kid’s social media involvement.