Press February 15, 2022

Teaching Students How to Win at Social Media

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Recent changes to its daily calendar have allowed the Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School to step up its advisory programming, and they created an even more robust sequencing of opportunities to reflect on developing the life skills it takes to fulfill the MICDS mission of developing the necessary skills to excel academically, become leaders, and embrace all people with compassion. MICDS recently wrote about how #WinAtSocial – The Social Institute’s gamified, interactive sequence of lessons designed to help students think critically about their use of technology and social media – is an important part of that programming in advisories starting this year.

Press February 2, 2022

These Triangle Founders Are Using “Good” Tech to Address Tech’s Dark Side

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There might be an undeniable dark side to tech, and many social media companies are hoping to address the ills they’ve created through new digital well-being tools. But, The Social Institute’s CEO and Founder, Laura Tierney, tells GrepBeat that people have the power to empower others to use tech for good. Find out what other insights she provides in their article, “These Triangle Founders Are Using “Good” Tech to Address Tech’s Dark Side.”

Press February 2, 2022

New Survey Reveals Student Social Media Use and Tech Trends for 2022


Knowing that student voice is at the center of our work, each school year we conduct a nationwide survey of students. We ask them to examine which social media apps they’re on and why, consider and share how they would navigate challenging social situations, give adults insight into their relationship with technology, and much more. The Family Online Safety Institute recently highlighted our report that shows the important social media and tech trends among students.

Press November 29, 2021

St. Margaret’s Launches ‘Digital Mentor’ Program Led by Upper School Peer Counselors

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St. Margaret’s Episcopal School in Orange County, CA recently expanded their partnership with The Social Institute by launching a Digital Mentor program. Upper School Peer Counselors meet with younger students to walk through #WinAtSocial lessons and further encourage engaging and productive conversation about healthy technology use. Read more about the new program’s successful launch on their school’s website.

Press November 18, 2021

Free, ready-to-use digital citizenship resources for PK-12 lessons


During Digital Citizenship Week in October, TCEA featured The Social Institute in a round-up of resources that empower teachers, administrators, and parents to help students navigate their digital world. Find out what TCEA loves about The Social Institute’s online gamified learning platform.