Press November 29, 2021

St. Margaret’s Launches ‘Digital Mentor’ Program Led by Upper School Peer Counselors

St Margaret's Episcopal School Logo

St. Margaret’s Episcopal School in Orange County, CA recently expanded their partnership with The Social Insitute by laughing a Digital Mentor program. Upper School Peer Counselors meet with younger students to walk through #WinAtSocial lessons and further encourage engaging and productive conversation about healthy technology use. Read more about the new program’s successful launch on their school’s website.

Press November 18, 2021

Free, ready-to-use digital citizenship resources for PK-12 lessons


During Digital Citizenship Week in October, TCEA featured The Social Institute in a round-up of resources that empower teachers, administrators, and parents to help students navigate their digital world. Find out what TCEA loves about The Social Institute’s online gamified learning platform.

Press September 22, 2021

Worried About Your Teen on Social Media? Here’s How to Help – The New York Times

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Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook has known that its app, Instagram, can be toxic to its younger users, especially teen girls. The report revealed some frightening statistics found in internal Facebook presentations. 

This week, Christina Caron of  The New York Times interviewed The Social Institute’s founder and CEO, Laura Tierney, and other experts in the field to provide families with advice on how to help students develop a healthier relationship with Instagram and other social media apps.

Press September 3, 2021

EdTech 3.0: The Era of Pedagogy-Powered Technology is Here

EdTech 3.0 Pedagogy-Powered EdTech Solutions

“If the last school year taught us anything, it’s that technology-enabled teaching is here to stay. And when it’s done well it can be transformative for any classroom. And when it’s done poorly? Well, the results are devastating learning loss,” Katelyn Donnelly, Investor, Avalanche VC, writes in her recent round-up of pedagogy-powered EdTech solutions. Check out what she has to say about The Social Institute.