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How #WINATSOCIAL Supports Educators

Need a solution that addresses student well-being, including challenging topics like social media & technology use without overburdening faculty?

"Kids are SO pumped about the material. We have done many other initiatives and I have never seen the kids this excited. You're speaking their language. The message is resonating."
Dr. Julie Mayring
Middle School Director
Bay Ridge Prep, NY
Case Study
How the Pegasus school integrated The Social Institute's student-led approach
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Sequenced, Developmentally Appropriate Lessons

#WinAtSocial Lessons begin in 3rd grade with emotional awareness and progress through technology use, social media, life skills, social emotional prep for college, and career skills. We take a positive, student-respected approach, while many lessons incorporate science, history, social studies, and other topics - so you can incorporate #WinAtSocial Lessons throughout the school day.

#WinAtSocial Lessons

In order to help schools plan their year and integrate #WinAtSocial into their academic calendar, we have a comprehensive scope & sequence of Lessons that are designed to grow with students over time and can be implemented as a curriculum. As timely topics emerge and are trending, we build Trending Lessons that are grade-banded to help your school address relevant topics in engaging ways with your students.

NEW: Real-Time Student Insights

Access real-time data to keep up with the latest student trends, including social media and tech, identify roadblocks to student health and learning, understand school culture, enable high-impact teaching, inform school policy and communications, and benchmark your school or district against the nation.

Faculty Professional Development

Our Educator Advancement Team provides professional development, faculty presentations, and useful resources to inspire positive classroom experiences across our national community of educators.

How the Juneau School District Scaled Social Media and Tech Education District-wide

The Juneau School District (JSD) is home to approximately 4,600 public school students. It is the fifth largest district in the state of Alaska, and one in five of the district’s students are of Alaska Native heritage. JSD’s mission is to provide each student with meaningful, relevant, and rigorous learning experiences in order to graduate diverse, engaged citizens ready for a changing world. This case study explores how Juneau School District scaled social media and tech education district-wide to support academic success to strengthen student engagement and school culture.

White Paper: Social Media and Well-being: What Students Want Adults to Know

On average, students spend 8.3 hours on social media every day. For Generation Z, and even Millennials, social media is simply just being social.  These apps are an extension of their social world, and these same digital experiences have the power to amplify anxiety and social challenges but also spark curiosity, passion, and joy.  No one receives a test before they get on social media.  There is no obvious determining factor to decide if someone is “ready” to take on the emotional ups and downs of social media, the mindless (and often hilarious) distractions the internet provides. For years, social media has been a social-emotional scapegoat, but that might be unfounded. Like most things, there are pros and cons to social media, but which one outweighs the other?

Support Your Parents

With our Social Toolkit, Family Huddle Questions, and Parent Presentations, we equip your parents with the in's and out's of social media, student trends, and discussion topics for healthy family conversations.

Empower Your Students

From interactive, engaging lessons to the Student Ambassador Program, empower your students to build healthy, productive lives.

Speak with our team

Let's help your school's parent community with proactive, positive resources that align with #WinAtSocial Lessons.