Press July 22, 2021

Reimagining Social-Emotional Learning to Include Social Media

National Association of Independent Schools

The pandemic has caused a spike in screen time, accelerating a trend of more students using technology. A pre-pandemic 2019 Common Sense Media report showed that students spent an average of 7.5 hours consuming digital media each day. A recent Nielsen survey found that daily average screen time among adults surged from 10 hours to 13.5 hours from fall 2019 to spring 2020. The Social Institute’s Annual Student Survey found that 42% of fifth graders own a phone, a number that skyrockets to 94% by the time they enter eighth grade.

Blog July 14, 2021

How teachers and administrators can address faculty fatigue

The last year and a half has been hard on teachers – we know; probably the understatement of the decade. 24% of teachers recently reported they were likely to leave the teaching profession by the end of the year, up significantly from the pre-pandemic attrition rate of 8%. Educators have been pushed and pulled in every direction, juggling a complete overhaul of classroom management while simultaneously adapting curriculum to fit a new platform and the needs of students they’ve never met in-person. 

Blog July 13, 2021

How educators can make up for lost time next school year

In June of 2021, United States Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona said, “It is my expectation that all schools will offer full-time and in-person learning to every student this fall.”

This is welcome and hopeful news after a trying school year. A study by McKinsey & Company showed that the past year of remote learning could mean a learning loss of 12.5 months. How can schools address this lost time? What happens when this fall students are behind in social-emotional skills, soft skills, and academic performance simultaneously?