Blog May 25, 2023

Snapchat vs. iMessage: The battle for students’ attention in digital conversations

It’s a common debate: are you team Snapchat or team iMessage? From Snapchat’s creative filters and disappearing content to iMessage’s traditional approach to conversation, many students clash over which one rules supreme. With iMessage being the most-used communication app for teens in the U.S., and Snapchat ranking number two, it’s a close and competitive battle. Dive deeper for the rundown on these two platforms and how students are using them.

Blog May 18, 2023

Students’ favorite social media app, TikTok, launches #NewMusic feature

TikTok recently partnered with the Jonas Brothers and Miguel as featured artists in launching the app’s new global music discovery hub, #NewMusic. Now with this new feature, students can access even more content, even faster. The #NewMusic Hub will open new doors and opportunities for students to discover and connect with musical artists and influencers, making it more important than ever to empower students to consider who they look up to and are influenced by.

Blog May 18, 2023

Protecting student reputation: How AI is helping students manage their social media footprint

Many of us have been there. We posted something on social media a few years ago – maybe an embarrassing photo or a video – that no longer aligns with who we are today. The ever-evolving nature of social media means that students are growing up in public online, and at times, their online presence can “come back to haunt them.” The good news? There’s a solution at hand.