Blog December 1, 2021

Press Roundup: Insights on Social Media & Students

Use Your Mic For Good

From destructive challenges, like “Devious Licks,” to worrisome mental health trends, social media has been making headlines this fall. As a social media expert and educator, The Social Institute’s founder and CEO, Laura Tierney, has interviewed with multiple publications to provide advice on helping students navigate social media and social-emotional health in positive ways. Check out the round-up of the recent national and regional media featuring The Social Institute. 

Press November 29, 2021

St. Margaret’s Launches ‘Digital Mentor’ Program Led by Upper School Peer Counselors

St Margaret's Episcopal School Logo

St. Margaret’s Episcopal School in Orange County, CA recently expanded their partnership with The Social Insitute by laughing a Digital Mentor program. Upper School Peer Counselors meet with younger students to walk through #WinAtSocial lessons and further encourage engaging and productive conversation about healthy technology use. Read more about the new program’s successful launch on their school’s website.

Blog November 23, 2021

Making Social Media a Happy, Healthy, and Safe Space

The Social Institute

In today’s digital world, the things we engage with, scroll through, and share on our pages have a lot of influence on ourselves and others. Recent research shows that with just 150 likes, Facebook’s algorithm knows you better than your immediate family members. With this in mind, it’s so important to make high-character decisions when choosing what we like, share, and post. 


Advice from Students: 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Teaching About Social Media

Presented By

The Social Institute

December 14, 2021 | 4 - 4:45 p.m. ET

When it comes to social-emotional learning and social media education, student voice is more important than ever. After all, most students are ahead of the game with technology, and many lessons on navigating tech positively don’t pass their “snicker-test”.

Join student leaders as they “coach up” and share actionable tips to help your school foster student-respected discussion about social media and technology. The Social Institute’s Student Ambassadors will share Do’s and Don’ts to level up your social media education and social-emotional learning.

Press November 18, 2021

Free, ready-to-use digital citizenship resources for PK-12 lessons


During Digital Citizenship Week in October, TCEA featured The Social Institute in a round-up of resources that empower teachers, administrators, and parents to help students navigate their digital world. Find out what TCEA loves about The Social Institute’s online gamified learning platform.