Laura Tierney
Founder and President
aka - Fearless Head Coach
Combining her standout sports leadership experience with her career managing social media for world-class brands, Laura is driven to help teens navigate social media positively and thoughtfully. A digital native herself, she bridges the gap between adults and students as one of the nation's leading pioneers in positive social media education.
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Gail Marie
Managing Editor
aka - Get ‘R Done Offense
Gail Marie ensures everything online — from TSI's website and Locker Room to each tweet and post — meets the highest editorial standards. When it comes to words, Gail adds sass. Laura calls it "wit and spice and all things nice."
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Maria Jankovics
Web Developer
aka - Brick Wall Defense
Maria makes our dot com the dot bomb. As our lead Web Developer, she sits at the forefront of innovation and this ever-changing world of new technologies. She is currently a Frontend Web Specialist at SAS.
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Jill Dykes
aka - Play-By-Play Announcer
A news producer turned publicist, Jill has a unique mix of relationships, experience, and news judgment. During her five years with NBC, she traveled extensively to cover major breaking news and learned firsthand how to find a good news story. She made the switch to PR in 2002, and now helps clients tell their story to a worldwide audience.
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