Laura Tierney
Founder and CEO
Combining her standout sports leadership experience with her career managing social media for world-class brands, Laura is driven to help teens navigate social media positively and thoughtfully. A digital native herself, she bridges the gap between adults and students as one of the nation's leading pioneers in positive social media education.
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Maria Jankovics
Co-founder and CTO
Maria leads The Social Institute's technology vision for positive, gamified social media education in schools nationwide. A web developer specializing in front-end and with basic knowledge of backend, Maria is responsible for leading website development, digitizing our curriculum, and helping The Social Institute continue to be the gold standard in social media education.
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Shayna Heinrich
Operations Director
With exceptional organization and detail, Shayna manages our school partnerships, conferences, and customer service, making sure everything we do runs smoothly and seamlessly.
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Josh Lutkus
Partner Success Manager
With over 12 years of experience working in K-12 schools, Josh works closely with our partners to develop, guide, and successfully implement the #WinAtSocial Program with their students, parents, and educators.
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Micah Adams
Head of Content
An experienced writer, editor and researcher, Micah leverages a passion for data-driven storytelling to bring to life relevant, engaging, and inspiring #WinAtSocial lessons.
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Stephanie Lane
Account Executive
As an experienced edtech sales professional, former educator, and lifelong coach, Stephanie leverages her unique experience to explore opportunities and cultivate new partnerships on behalf of The Social Institute.
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