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We use a student-led, positive, gamified approach to social media education, one that students co-create and respect.  

Learn how we equip schools and parents.

As a student, are you:

  • Tired of being lectured on how negative social media can be?
  • Excited about focusing on the positives of social media?
  • Passionate about helping younger students use social media for good?
  • Into games?

A positive approach to social media:

At The Social Institute, we believe social media is the biggest game in the world — one we can win or lose. Team up with us and learn to win by:

  • Playing to your core
  • Protecting your privacy like you’re famous
  • Striking a balance 
  • Cyberbacking
  • Finding your influencers
  • Using your microphone for good
  • Handling the pressure

3 ways to get involved:

    1. Bring us to your school.
      We promise you that you’ll have fun playing our interactive social media game and/or presentations. Share our website with your parent, principal, or school counselor.
    2. Join our Student Ambassador Program.
      Become an ambassador and help inspire thousands of students across the country by helping design lessons, submit advice, and more. Because your voice matters, and we want to amplify it to make the world a better place.
    3. Apply for a Summer Internship.
      Interested in marketing, entrepreneurism, technology, or education? Join us for an in-office or remote summer internship to get hands-on experience and see what it takes to build a growing social impact organization.

What students are saying:

I love seeing the data on the screen during the discussions. It shows you the bigger picture, across your class, your school, and in the country. It also made the student discussion better because you can speak up if you want to but, at the end of the day, all the answers are on the screen so you are participating either way. In the discussions, I love hearing other people’s answers because then I get to learn why they feel that way. Sometimes, I even change my answer because classmates open my eyes to other perspectives and ways of thinking.”
Annie Benoit
9th Grade Student
"Throughout high school, adults told me that social media was only a negative thing. For us, social media and the internet are our whole world. Once my high school teamed up with TSI, I saw their positive approach to social media first hand and I wanted to step up and be involved in supporting their student-led content in the early stages of the company. Now, I’m in college and I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity than to spend my summer interning with TSI. They say that if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life, it seems as though that is the case when you work with a team that feels like a family. "
Abby Straub
College Senior

"I was a summer intern with The Social Institute, where I would advise on their curriculum lessons, record mentor videos, and brainstorm SEL programs with school leaders. It was extremely fulfilling to see my own ideas emerge in the content that will be used by students across the country. It shows how student-led and authentic TSI is. I definitely believe TSI has created its most dynamic curriculum ideas by promoting an environment where diversity is celebrated. By hearing from a range of people of different ages, races, and genders we are collaborating to produce lessons of inclusivity."
College Junior
"I’ve always been really passionate and involved in the mental health groups and DEI in my school and I thought TSI encapsulated all of what I was involved in and was passionate about into one company. I ended up really resonating with their mission and positive approach to social media and conversations about mental health. I thought my input would be really valuable having just graduated from Ravenscroft, a school that TSI has been with since their beginning. After I saw it in the classroom I knew it was something I wanted to get behind the scenes of. I wanted to give back to a program that gave so much to Ravenscroft after Ravenscroft gave so much to me. I never had an internship and found why they say that working at a startup is so valuable. I was able to get such great hands-on experience that you can never get anywhere else. I literally had a one-on-one with the CEO of the company after watching her product in action. That was the coolest thing."
Jackson Buttler
College Freshman
“The Social Institute’s "How To Win at Social Media" presentation was one of the top presentations I've seen in the past few years at our U.S. Olympic Athletes' Advisory Committee Meeting. Laura gave us simple, useful tactics to strengthen your reputation as either a current or former athlete. I would recommend her to anyone who needs clarity on their social media approach or who might just need a crash course on everything social media and the different opportunities to consider."
Mechelle L. Freeman
Track & Field Olympian and World Champion
Founder of TrackGirlz

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