How The Pegasus School elevated its approach to strengthen student engagement and school culture

This case study explores how The Pegasus School integrated The Social Institute to help students, faculty, and parents navigate the evolving intersection of student well-being, technology, and social media. The Pegasus School opened in 1984 as a small school for academically gifted children. The school’s founder, Dr. Laura Hathaway, dreamed of creating a community that balanced academic studies and social and emotional intelligence within a student-centered curriculum. Today, the co-ed day school located 35 miles south of Los Angeles attracts a diverse student population of nearly 600 PreK-8 students. 


The Pegasus School’s Challenges

  • How do we improve student well-being in a way that fits our student-centric culture and resonates with students?
  • How do we easily integrate into an established academic curriculum?
  • How do we equitably teach social media education to a diverse student body?
  • How do we support our parents who are seeking help with social media guidance for their children?