How Fellowship Christian enhances education through tech & equips students for a tech-fueled world that aligns with Christian values

Fellowship Christian School (FCS) is a private, covenant Christian school in Roswell, GA. As a Christian school, FCS fosters a culture of belief, belonging, and growth, rooted in a commitment to Jesus Christ. This case study examines how TSI’s peer-to-peer learning platform integrates into Fellowship Christian’s ‘Programming with Purpose’ framework, enabling students to align their use of social media and technology with their Christian beliefs.

Fellowship Christian School’s Key Challenges:

  • How do we empower students to use social media and technology in positive, meaningful ways?
  • How do we equip students to handle social media & tech in a way that aligns with our Biblical worldview?
  • How do we integrate positive social media and tech training school-wide with minimal ramp-up time for faculty?
  • How do we effectively equip faculty with the knowledge and skills to discuss this ever-changing topic?

Fellowship Case Study