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💬 Rundown

TikTok is the rebranded version of the app It’s a fun platform built around creating, sharing, and watching short 15-second videos. Users can upload videos of them lip-syncing, performing skits, reenacting  movie scenes 🎥, and more. The app often has multiple challenges happening that encourage users to create content in response to the challenge theme. 

📲 Students are using TikTok positively by:

  • Using their creative skills to make videos for them and their friends to enjoy
  • Making their profiles private so strangers will not be able to view their videos
  • Controlling who can comment on videos through their settings

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⁉️ Students are tripping up on TikTok by: 

  • Controlling who can comment on videos through their settings
  • Staying up late watching videos and missing out on quality sleep 
  • Viewing inappropriate content

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More content offered in this playbook: 

  • 💵 Buying stuff in TikTok
  • ⚠️ Features to be aware of in TikTok
  • 🎞 TikTok in action
  • 🎟 Minimum age
  • 🏆 Winning moves
  • 💪 Strong settings
  • 🙌 More resources

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