February 25, 2019

The Social Institute Releases #WinAtSocial, The World’s First Gamified, Positive Social Media Curriculum

The curriculum is now available for K-12 schools across the country

FEBRUARY 28, 2019: Durham, N.C. –The Social Institute today announced that its pioneering new curriculum, #WinAtSocial, is now available for K-12 schools across the country. #WinAtSocial is the first-ever gamified and positive social media curriculum for students, parents, and educators, and has already been rolled out at select pilot schools to support their digital citizenship and social emotional learning programs.

The Social Institute co-created the curriculum over the last three years with more than 30,000 students at 50 pioneer partner schools, including both independent and public schools. Schools have embedded the lessons into homeroom, advisory, health class, or school-wide assemblies. Behind the curriculum is The Social Institute’s female-led team of digital natives, headed up by four-time Duke All-American and social media expert Laura Tierney, and leading web developer Maria Jankovics.

“Unlike other curriculums that highlight the dangers and negatives of social media, our comprehensive curriculum empowers students, parents, and educators nationwide to win the game of social media,” said Tierney. “With our interactive game, kids are navigating real-life social media and tech scenarios in positive, high character ways.”

What makes the curriculum unique? #WinAtSocial is:

  • Created with students, ensuring lessons are relevant and meet students on their level
  • Updated each month based on the latest social media trends and apps
  • Focused on the positives, not just the negatives, of social media
  • Turnkey and seamless for faculty to facilitate during advisory, homeroom, or health class
  • Tech-friendly and gamified, allowing students to use their digital devices to interact and play
  • Student-led – the curriculum incorporates videos with positive advice from student leaders  
  • Sustainable and systemic, so that schools use consistent language and lessons each year 

What schools are saying

“This new curriculum will be a game changer for our entire school community,” said Richard Rankin, Gaston Day School Head of School. “In addition to students receiving these gamified lessons, parents and faculty can also login to stay ahead of social media trends. All of us at Gaston Day School are excited about being at the forefront of educational gaming and positive social media use.”

The #WinAtSocial curriculum is available for students in grades 5 – 12 and is customized for each grade level to ensure it will grow with the students. For more information or to request a demo, visit www.TheSocialInstitute.com.

About The Social Institute

The Social Institute works with schools, parents, and leaders to empower students to use social media positively. By reinforcing character strengths like empathy, integrity, and teamwork, and by teaching teens and their role models (from parents to U.S. Olympians) to be their best selves on all platforms, we help them “win the game of social media.” As a team of digital natives, we bridge the digital divide between students and adults by offering a comprehensive curriculum and school presentations. Our partners include Ravenscroft School, Saint Mary’s School, Gaston Day School, National Cathedral School, U.S. Olympic athletes, Duke Men’s Basketball, The Women’s Sports Foundation, and other forward-thinking institutions around the nation.  

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