Huddle Up with Leah Ringelstein: A deep dive with Zigazoo’s co-founder on project-based learning and amplifying student voice in and out of the classroom

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Welcome to Huddle Up, your go-to source for the top insights on how social media, tech, and current events shape student learning, well-being, and future success. In this episode, we huddle up with Leah Ringelstein, Co-Founder and Director of Impact of Zigazoo, the world’s largest social network for students. 

Social media often gets a bad rap. But for students, who on average get their first phone at 11 years old and their first social media account at 12, social media is how they connect, express themselves, and fuel their passions. 

As students gain access to social media at increasingly younger ages, educators and families alike are grappling with the question of how best to ease them into technology. 

But what if there was a platform where student voices took center stage, where algorithms weren’t a challenge, and where student ideas thrived – all while teaching them positive life skills and preparing them for a tech-fueled and social media-filled world?

In this Huddle Up episode, we huddle with Leah Ringelstein, Co-Founder and Director of Impact of Zigazoo, the world’s largest social network for students. By creating a community led by students, they are changing how teachers and families help them succeed through project-based learning, mentorship, and innovative approaches that flip the script on how students navigate social media and tech.

Huddle up with us to discover:

  • The role of project-based learning and mentorship in empowering students both in and out of the classroom
  • Strategies educators can use to huddle with their students on ways to navigate social media and technology in positive, high-character ways
  • Innovative approaches on how educators can flip the script in the classroom and meet students where they are when it comes to their social world 

Featured Presenter

Leah Ringelstein is a mom of three, former teacher, and co-founder of Zigazoo, the world’s leading social media platform for kids. Along with her husband, she founded Zigazoo to support a brighter digital future for their kids and their generation. As Director of Impact at Zigazoo, she uses her experience as a former teacher to guide Zigazoo kids in building confidence, positivity, and creativity through play-based video challenges presented by leading children’s media stars, museums, athletes, and other kids! She works to guide the impact that Zigazoo can have in kids’ and families’ lives and also within the larger dialogue about what healthy, non-toxic social media can do for our world.