November 20, 2023

Students’ Take: What about social media & tech are students thankful for this year?

As the season of gratitude unfolds, we huddled up with students on what they are thankful for this year. Something that kept coming up in our conversations was social media and technology. Wanting to understand what about social media and tech students are grateful for, we dug a little deeper and found that students are grateful for the positive impact social media and tech can have in their lives. 

Sometimes social media can get a bad rap and educators are quick to scare and restrict students from it, but by understanding the positive side of social media that students are thankful for, we can better empower and equip students to navigate it in ways that will fuel their learning, health, and future success.

Dive deeper to uncover and celebrate what students are thankful for this year!

What students are thankful for

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we gathered insights from our Student Ambassadors, who provided a glimpse into the aspects of social media, tech, and education they are most grateful for.

Here is what they told us when we huddled up: 

“I’m thankful that social media allows me to connect with my friends.” – Kennedy, Grade 7, Student Ambassador

“I am thankful to have the opportunity to connect with my friends, share pieces of my life with others, and gain inspiration through social media.” – Viv, Grade 11, Student Ambassador

“I am thankful for many things this year, including the friendships that social media and technology have allowed me to maintain. Social media has allowed me to gain confidence and feel better about myself. It has also allowed me to gain more knowledge and understanding of what is happening around me and our society. I am thankful for the many ways social media keeps us connected and informed.” – Paulina, Grade 11,  Student Ambassador

“I am so thankful for the opportunity to get an education and have access to technology because it allows me to have the ability to pursue my passions for the future. I understand that in many places, it is hard to have access to a good education and technology, so I never take them for granted and always appreciate them!” – Beza, Grade 12, Student Ambassador 

TSI’s Take

From connecting with friends and family to staying informed about current events and pursuing their passions, students recognize the powerful impact of social media and tech, underscoring the importance of taking a positive and proactive approach to social media and technology education.

When we understand how students really feel about social media and tech, we are better prepared to help them continue to navigate it in positive ways. Learn more about what students want educators to know about social media and technology in our 2023 Social Student Report. And stay tuned for our 2024 Social Student Report coming soon.

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