How Public Schools Are Using Real-Time Student Insights to Empower Students, Teachers, and School Communities

Past Webinar | Aug. 3, 2022

Do you know when your students are most stressed? Or which modern life skills have they mastered? How about the ones they still need help with?

The key to empowering your students is understanding your student. Yet, school leaders and their faculty often have to guess the answers to these important questions that reflect their school’s culture based on anecdotal evidence. What if you didn’t have to rely on hearsay or observation? What if you had actual data that could help you make decisions that directly benefitted your students, your teachers, and your school community as a whole?

This is a reality for Greece Central School District and it can be for your school, too. Watch this webinar to discover how to access:

  • Real-time insights about your students’ experiences in easy-to-read dashboards
  • Student trends across your school compared to a single grade or the entire nation
  • Clear data-driven steps you can take to benefit your students and strengthen your school culture

Featured Presenter

Lynn GirolamoAs an educator in the Greece Central School District for 24 years, Lynn Girolamo, an ISTE Certified Educator, has an array of experiences in the classroom, coaching and mentoring teachers, and designing and facilitating professional learning experiences both within her district as well as for national and regional conferences. Currently, as an Instructional Technology Teacher, Lynn enjoys supporting teachers and students with meaningful technology integration in Greece’s 18 schools, especially around the topic of digital wellness.