Behind Social Media + Student Anxiety: Empower Your Students to Manage Both in Healthy Ways

Past Webinar | May 25, 2022

Almost since it came on the scene, social media has led to student anxiety. How many Facebook friends do you have? Who is commenting on your post? Did your ex just tag you in a photo? Well, it’s become way more complicated…more apps, more trends to follow, and more drama. And some of it is highly stress-inducing (even for adults!).

How does social media cause stress and what is it doing to our brains and our bodies? How is it impacting learning and social experiences?

These are intimidating questions, but this webinar also looks at the other side of social media: all the positive ways social media inspires personal growth, meaningful relationships and more. And how to harness that good energy for great outcomes at schools.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Research about social media and student anxiety trends across grade levels
  • Methods for teaching about healthy social experiences, and addressing social media
  • Tips to identify students at high risk for anxiety and how to meet their needs
  • 7 key skills students can use to manage anxiety at different grade levels