Build Healthy Tech Habits in Your Family

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Now more than ever, students need role models who navigate social media and technology positively. Because simply telling students what not to do doesn’t give them clear, positive approaches to navigating everyday challenges. 

We’ve worked with leading K-12 schools and other organizations to equip students with the ability to make high-character decisions online and off. When we helped Duke Men’s Basketball up their social media game, we were inspired by Coach K’s use of standards instead of rules.

“Usually when you’re ruled, you never agree with all the rules, you just abide by them,” he says. “But if you have standards and if everyone contributes to the way you’re going to do things, you end up owning how you do things.”

Coach Mike Krzyzewski

With input from thousands of students, parents, counselors, and researchers across the country, we created the Family Social Standards Agreement. It’s a new, one-of-a-kind tech contract with 14 customizable standards about social media, tech, and everyday student experiences. When families create and sign the document – parents, too! – they promise to help each other live up to high standards. Together.

Download the Family Social Standards Agreement »


About The Social Institute

The Social Institute partners with schools nationwide to empower students, families, and educators to positively navigate social-emotional health, social media, and technology. Schools access our student-respected, turnkey curriculum through, an interactive, gamified learning platform. With solutions for students, parents, and educators, we offer a systemic and comprehensive SEL program through a unique and positive approach. We are proud to serve public and independent partners such as Ravenscroft School, Woodward Academy, Oldfields School, All Saints Episcopal School, Lake Forest School District, Boston Public Schools, and more. For more information on how to empower your students to make high-character decisions online and off, please contact us.