How KIPP Freedom Middle School is prioritizing character education & developing critically conscious students

KIPP Freedom Middle School is a public charter school located in the Central Bronx, serving students from 6th – 8th grade. The KIPP Freedom community views themselves as a team and family, and they believe in using the power of their voices to create a world that honors their past, transforms their present, and liberates their future. This case study explores how KIPP Freedom Middle School partners with The Social Institute to promote student voice and develop critical thinkers who “lead with love.”

KIPP Freedom Middle School’s Key Challenges

  • How do we empower our students with positive character education that addresses technology and social media?
  • How do we keep students engaged, without talking down to them?
  • How do we integrate positive social media and tech training school-wide with minimal ramp-up time for faculty?
  • How do we ensure faculty can stay up-to-date about this ever-changing topic?

Kipp Freedom Middle School