How First Presbyterian Day School is equipping students to use devices with integrity

First Presbyterian Day School (FPD) provides a comprehensive, student-focused, college-preparatory educational experience for grades 3K – 12th in Macon, Georgia. It is a Christ-centered school that offers an academically-challenging curriculum to prepare students to be Godly leaders on their college campuses, careers, and community. This case study explores how FPD incorporated biblical immersion into the #WinAtSocial curriculum to empower students to use devices with integrity and according to the school’s biblical worldview. 

First Presbyterian Day School’s Challenges

  • How do we equip students to handle social media and technology in a way that aligns with our Biblical worldview?
  • How do we effectively educate students on social media and technology education in a way that resonates with them?
  • How do we build staff’s capacity and comfort level leading SEL discussions?
  • How do we equip faculty and parents, who did not grow up with tech, with the skills they need to effectively talk to students about this ever-changing topic?