Expand Your Impact: How to proactively empower 3rd grade students with positive decision-making skills, online and offline

Past Webinar | July 27, 2023

The Social Institute’s research shows that by the time students reach the 4th grade, more than half of them are using popular apps like YouTube, Google Classroom, Video Streaming, and more on a weekly basis, making 3rd grade the perfect time to start proactively equipping elementary students with the skills they need to make smart choices, both online and offline. 

Watch this webinar in which Laura Tierney, Founder and CEO of The Social Institute, explores how you can expand your impact and support more students by equipping 3rd graders to make high-character decisions with #WinAtSocial’s brand-new 3rd Grade Lessons. 

In this on-demand webinar, discover:

  • The latest trends and most-used apps among 3rd graders 
  • Common challenges 3rd graders are navigating, and ways to proactively support them 
  • Strategies for running TSI’s new 3rd grade lessons with your community this school year

Featured Speaker

Laura Tierney, Founder and CEO, The Social InstituteLaura Tierney is a social media expert, educator, and technologist driven to help students navigate their social world, including social media and technology, positively and thoughtfully. She created the pioneering, best-in-class #WinAtSocial Program by combining her standout sports leadership experience as a four-time Duke All-American with her career managing social media for world-class brands like ESPN and Disney. As a digital native herself, she is bridging the gap between adults and students as the nation’s leader in modern life skills education that students co-create and respect.