How Northview Public Schools students develop modern life skills in and out of the classroom

Northview Public Schools is an award-winning district in Grand Rapids, MI, acknowledged for the high caliber of its graduates, the high quality of its staff, and the excellence of its academic and co-curricular programs. The district serves approximately 3,200 students across seven buildings and currently partners with The Social Institute at its two middle schools, which serve nearly 1,000 students combined. This case study explores how Northview is teaching modern life skills to promote student well-being and high-character decision-making through a proactive approach.

Northview Public Schools’ Challenges

  • How do we effectively engage students on social media and technology education as screens become more relevant?
  • How can we cultivate high-character decision-making, resilience, and modern life skills in students?
  • How do we easily integrate this curriculum across schools on a regular basis?
  • How do we equip faculty with the skills they need to effectively talk to students about this ever-changing topic, without increasing their workload?

 Northview Public Schools