We simplify social media and keep parents ahead of the curve, so that you can help your child use apps safely. 


Are you or fellow parents:

  • Struggling to keep up with the latest social apps?
  • Worried about private information that your child shares?
  • Concerned about cyberbullying, haters, and trolls?

Social media isn’t going away. 

And we’ve got your back. When you team up with us, you:

  • Strengthen your child’s digital decision-making
  • Proactively coach your child, instead of reacting
  • Build trust with your child
  • Get a refreshing, positive look and expert tips on social media
  • Are the first to know about new popular apps for teens

How we help parents:

The Social Locker RoomDigital Parent Bootcamps
Where parents help their children win at social media. Get an expert point-of-view on new apps and scenarios that children face daily. Opening Summer 2017. We host digital and in-person parent bootcamps on the latest apps and tech tips for your family. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to get the scoop.
Weekly NewsletterSocial Downloads
Delivered to your inbox each week, our newsletter keeps you ahead of the curve on social media so you can anticipate your child's questions and behaviors. You'll hear about emerging apps (before your teen does!), real-life online scenarios children face, and more. Your free toolbox to navigating the world of social media with your child. Help them live up to Social Standards™, share their passwords in case of an emergency, and more.

What parents are saying:


“The Social Institute's seminar on first generational digital coaching is a must for all parents! Laura's approach to social media and adolescence is unique and simultaneously educational and refreshing. In a matter of minutes, she levels the playing field between parents and children by explaining the different platforms, their organization, intent, purpose and how to navigate them. As a parent of four children, I entered the seminar deeply concerned about the potential negative impact of social media in the short and long-term. I never considered that it could have a positive or impactful benefit. Laura seminar changed that. I left inspired by all the fresh, new and positive communication techniques she shares to put you and your child in control of these social media platforms. Education is power and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from Laura.”
Amy Hepburn
Mom of four
Executive Director of WomenOne
“My son couldn’t stop talking about The Social Institute's presentation. After the workshop, we had a 40-minute drive home together, and for the entire ride, he talked about what he learned. Even when I got into the car and I began to make a call, he told me to put the phone away before the car started. I couldn’t believe it!! I now know he is making smart decisions on his own.”
Parent of a 15-year-old
"I know our school will be buzzing with positive affects from The Social Institute’s work for a long time. The benefit of having Laura Tierney coach my daughter and the school community on how to make positive choices with social media is a life lesson! When my daughter came home after the student presentation, she advised me to “Pay attention, Mom, Laura knows what she is talking about." The parent presentation that evening was then packed with solid information, relevant examples, a clear message and step by step recommendations that will benefit the Hanks house. I really enjoyed how The Social Institute tailored the presentation to our own school’s needs and provided tools to navigate this ever changing world of social media. I came home surprisingly refreshed and optimistic that there is even more possibility to social media than I knew of. These teens have influences from social media that are shaping who they become as individuals, and I see tremendous value in learning technology simultaneously with my child."
Cynthia Hanks
Mom of a 7th Grader
Saint Raphael School

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