National cybersecurity expert shares tips to help students protect their privacy

Past Webinar | January 26, 2023

Complex. Data-packed. Ever-evolving. Social media isn’t just a bank of our personal interests, tracked behaviors, and passwords – it’s also a portal to strangers, hackers, and insecure networks. With 95% of teens having access to digital devices – and major hacks like the recent one with LastPass occurring regularly – cybersecurity has never been more important for students, families, and educators.   

Now is the perfect time to dive into this important topic. Watch this webinar to hear Lisa Plaggemier, Executive Director of the National Cybersecurity Alliance, share strategies for the modern-day educator.

Watch this webinar to help your students:

  1. Avoid mistakes online that cause serious privacy concerns
  2. Know how apps and websites use their personal data
  3. Develop healthy habits and use device settings that protect sensitive information
  4. Set boundaries and respect others’ when it comes to online privacy

Featured Speaker


Lisa Plaggemier is the Executive Director at the National Cybersecurity Alliance. She is a trailblazer in security training and awareness, and a frequent speaker on cybersecurity and privacy. Plaggemier has worked as an international marketer with Ford Motor Company, Director of Security Culture, Risk and Client Advocacy for CDK Global, Chief Evangelist at InfoSec, and Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at MediaPRO. She is a University of Michigan graduate (Go Blue!) and while she wasn’t born in Austin, Texas, she got there as fast as she could.