Staying ahead of social media’s ever-changing world takes a solid team.

That’s why we lock arms with students and parents around with country through our Leagues. Interested in teaming up with us? Click below to submit your application. 

Our Student Insiders, ranging from middle schoolers to high schoolers to college students, share the inside scoop on the latest in social media and how to use it for good. They help us find positive role models and provide invaluable insight into new platforms, trends, and struggles. Together, they empower more students around the country to use social media for good. One team. One dream.
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The Social Institute's Parent Advisory League is a knowledgable group of influencers, educators, researchers and experts in social media, teenage development and family engagement. The League provides The Social Institute with first-hand parenting challenges and solutions, helping to shape our unique educational content and getting social media coaching in return. #winwin
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