April 14, 2020

The Social Institute launches student-led, social-emotional advisory program to address challenges facing schools and students

Schools nationwide can access #WinAtSocial LIVE beginning Tuesday, April 14th.


APRIL 14, 2020: Durham, N.C. – The Social Institute today announced an enhanced offering to its current #WinAtSocial curriculum, providing schools nationwide with technology capability and weekly content updates to provide remote advisory sessions supporting students’ social-emotional health, well-being, and executive functioning skills. 

The new, comprehensive offering, called #WinAtSocial LIVE, was created in collaboration with student leaders across the country and The Social Institute’s Research Advisory Committee, a group of psychologists, mental health specialists, and social-emotional learning experts.

“It’s so important for mental health experts and educators to come together right now, but I think it’s even more critical to hear directly from students — how they are coping, what’s on their minds, and how we can best support them.” said Nancy Watson, LCSW, CADC and school social worker at Lake Forest Country Day School. “That’s been the approach from The Social Institute, and #WinAtSocial LIVE is the culmination of those findings.”

“We have been in close contact with students, faculty and parents over the last several weeks,” said Founder and CEO Laura Tierney. “Faculty are fatigued from transitioning to remote learning, students are tired and stressed from sitting in front of screens for most of their school day, and parents are seeking guidance on how to support their children’s social-emotional health through this pandemic. This enhanced offering is designed to address and remedy all of these issues.”

The enhanced remote advisory program supports students’ social-emotional health by empowering them to live up to 7 Standards.

Schools can access #WinAtSocial LIVE beginning Tuesday, April 14th. For each week moving forward, LIVE will provide real-time, relevant discussion prompts that encourage students to open up about pandemic-related topics and concerns, build executive functioning skills for remote learning, actively move during advisory, and leverage design thinking to help their schools create the best spring possible.  Turnkey, relevant discussion prompts will enable school faculty and families to navigate important, challenging conversations with students, while also reducing fatigue among faculty by saving them time. 

The new remote advisory program addresses timely topics such as:

  • Enhancing the school’s spring semester through the positive impact of technology
  • Analyzing society’s positive, adapting responses to COVID-19 

  • Controlling the controllable while navigating stressful situations
  • Designing a self-care strategy by identifying one thing you need each day to make you happy
  • Discussing the fear of missing out while friends are hanging out online and in person 

After each virtual classroom discussion, students will have Family Discussion Prompts to continue the conversation at home and share their takeaways with family members. “Students are truly the experts when it comes to using social media and technology to stay connected, which has never been more important. This is a chance for them to “coach up” and share positive best-practices and inspiring ideas with the adults in their lives,” said Tierney.

Aligning with the theme of each week’s LIVE lesson, The Social Institute will utilize social media to spotlight Student Mentors who will share tips, ideas, and advice to navigate the pandemic in healthy, positive ways.

With the goal of supporting schools and communities during this challenging time, The Social Institute is providing current partner schools with full complimentary access to #WinAtSocial LIVE. TSI has also created a virtual community of best practices by offering regular free webinars with schools nationwide to hear insights from TSI, learn how to use their content, and learn from each other. Schools interested in using #WinAtSocial LIVE with their school community can attend an upcoming free webinar with Founder and CEO Laura Tierney to learn more. 

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