May 18, 2023

Students’ favorite social media app, TikTok, launches #NewMusic feature

TikTok can be credited with turning songs and artists into top hits overnight. And recently, the student-loved app partnered with the Jonas Brothers and Miguel as featured artists in launching the app’s new global music discovery hub, #NewMusic. With this new feature, students can access more content and faster. The #NewMusic Hub will open new doors and opportunities for students to discover and connect with musical artists and influencers, making it more important than ever to empower students to consider who they look up to and are influenced by.

Who are the key players in this story? 

  • Paul Hourican: Global Head of Music Operations and Partnerships at TikTok
  • Jonas Brothers and Miguel: Popular musicians with new hits and resurfaced hits
  • TikTok: Popular social media app where students create, watch, and share videos 
  • ByteDance: Chinese parent company of TikTok 

Okay, now that we know the key players, let’s get into the #NewMusic Hub and what it means for students.

Tell me more about the #NewMusic Hub itself 

#NewMusic is a hub for artists to share and showcase their music. According to Paul Hourican, the Global Head of Music Content and Partnerships at TikTok, the hub is meant to celebrate artists of all genres and talents, as well as provide a space for users to discover new music and new ways to connect globally. “It presents an exciting opportunity to inspire artist creativity, spark connections, and foster a diverse musical landscape that embraces the unique talents and passions of artists and fans worldwide.”

With 150 million users in the United States and even more worldwide, TikTok’s #NewMusic Hub will change how students discover music even more than the app already has. Trending songs on TikTok account for songs that end up charting on the Billboard 100 or on the Spotify Viral 50, as 67% of the app’s users are more likely to seek out songs on a music streaming platform after hearing them on TikTok. 

TSI’s Take

Music discovery is not just about the music, it also is influential for students as they turn to musicians as influencers and role models every day. “TikTok has become an integral part of music discovery, connecting artists to their fans and introducing brands to every corner of the community,” said Ole Obermann, Global Head of Music, at TikTok. With 61.3% of Gen Z visiting TikTok at least once a month, the platform is only growing in popularity. It is more important than ever for students to find their influencers, connect with people who inspire them, and look beyond follower counts for creators who promote positivity, kindness, and self-expression. 

At The Social Institute, we emphasize the importance of students finding their influencers and surrounding themselves with positive role models and credible influences. In our #WinAtSocial Find Your Influencers lesson, Finding positive role models among 4.9 billion people on social media, we encourage students to be mindful of how they engage with others on apps through positive & safe social media practices. As students discover new music and are influenced by new musicians, encourage them to remember that:

  • Studies have shown that if you focus on positive people and things, you’ll feel less stressed, live longer, and be happier
  • When you find role models who share the same interests as you, it can help you get better at what you love, reach your goals, and learn new things
  • When you stick to your values, it can help you not be influenced by negative people or things

While musicians and celebrities are obvious influencers for students, teachers can also be powerful positive social media influencers for their students. By setting examples of positive social media use in your own classrooms, you can inspire students to use social media in ways that will fuel their health, happiness, and success. Not sure where to start? Download our School Playbook, The power of educators as social media influencers, for pro tips on how to set positive examples of social media use for your students. 

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