May 18, 2023

Protecting student reputation: How AI is helping students manage their social media footprint

Many of us have been there. We posted something on social media a few years ago – maybe an embarrassing photo or a video – that no longer aligns with who we are today. The ever-evolving nature of social media means that students are growing up in public online, and at times, their online presence can “come back to haunt them.” The good news? There’s a solution at hand.

A cutting-edge artificial intelligence tool is helping people clean up their social media history, allowing them to protect their reputation, maintain privacy, and present their best selves to the world. So, let’s dive in and discover how this powerful tool, LifeBrand, can empower your students to take control of their online presence.

LifeBrand: Social media “clean up” tool for students 

LifeBrand is an AI-powered tool that helps people “quickly find forgotten social media posts.” It’s a pretty simple tool students can use. 

All you have to do is go to > Create an account > Connect your social media accounts > Begin scanning and wait for it to complete > Review the posts it flagged > Simply delete the posts that may be harmful to your reputation or that don’t align with your core values. 

With colleges and future employers reviewing social media accounts, students need to ensure their online content reflects their core values now more than ever. This social media “clean up” tool empowers and equips students to take control of their online presence – which has become a huge influencing factor in students’ lives. 

TSI’s Take

Making mistakes as we grow up is nothing new. However, in today’s tech-fueled and social media-filled world, students have the added challenge of these mistakes happening online in a way that could follow them for the rest of their lives. As educators, we have the opportunity to help them learn from their mistakes and provide them with the resources to course correct. 

And it’s not just students. Even educators have taken advantage of LifeBrand! From the president of a teachers’ union to high school or even nursery school teachers, educators are using LifeBrand to clean up their social media accounts, too

Whether LifeBrand is a tool you’re personally interested in using or not, your students can greatly benefit from it. Here’s how your students can use LifeBrand for good: 

  • Protecting their online reputation: Students often post content on social media platforms that may reflect their opinions, interests, and personal lives. However, there’s always a risk of sharing something that could be misinterpreted or even have negative consequences in the future. By utilizing the AI tool, students can proactively monitor and clean up their own social media presence, ensuring that potentially embarrassing or controversial posts are removed.
  • Maintaining privacy and online safety: The AI tool can also help students protect their privacy and personal information like they’re famous. By deleting posts that reveal personal information, such as their full names, addresses, or personal contact information, students can reduce the risk of being targeted by online scams, identity theft, or even cyberbullying.
  • Building a positive online footprint: In an increasingly digital world, a student’s online presence can play a role in college admissions, job applications, and their overall reputation. By using the AI tool to remove inappropriate or unprofessional content, students can ensure their social media world aligns with their personal and professional goals.
  • Promoting responsible social media use: The AI tool serves as a reminder for students to be mindful of their social media activities. It encourages them to think twice before posting potentially harmful or offensive content that may negatively impact their relationships, academic pursuits, or future opportunities. While screenshots are forever, they can still take a proactive approach to removing possibly controversial posts. 
  • Enhancing online presence for academic and career purposes: By cleaning up their social media profiles, students can create a professional and engaging online presence. This can be particularly valuable for showcasing their skills, achievements, and interests to potential colleges, internships, or employers! 

As your students navigate social media and tech, there are a number of tools they can use to make their online worlds a safer and more positive place. If you’re looking for more tools that can protect students, check out the ‘Take It Down’ tool. And if you are ready to help minimize the social media challenges students face, contact us today to learn about our student-respected curriculum and positive and proactive approach to social media and technology education.

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