December 1, 2021

Press Roundup: Insights on Social Media & Students

From destructive challenges, like “Devious Licks,” to worrisome mental health trends, social media has been making headlines this fall. As a social media expert and educator, The Social Institute’s founder and CEO, Laura Tierney, has interviewed with multiple publications to provide advice on helping students navigate social media and social-emotional health in positive ways. Check out the round-up of the recent national and regional media featuring The Social Institute. 

Wall Street JournalLaura Tierney talked with The Wall Street Journal to discuss ways to help parents handle the pressure when teachers and coaches ask students to join social media apps for communication purposes. Read the article to learn how creating a social media agreement with students will benefit your family. 


The New York Times Logo

In light of the report that Facebook is aware that Instagram can be toxic for teens, The New York Times featured The Social Institute to provide advice on how to help students develop a healthier relationship with Instagram and other social media apps. The article, “Worried About Your Teen on Social Media? Here’s How to Help,” empowers families to help students curate their social media feed and find role models to have a more positive experience using social media. 


EdTech 3.0 Pedagogy-Powered EdTech SolutionsEducation Technology Insights reviewed The Social Institute in its recent round-up of pedagogy-powered EdTech tools. The article congratulates TSI on its technology-forward solutions and how it empowers students to navigate their social world. “The pedagogy is built into the tech platform and includes peer-to-peer content to ensure material is cutting-edge and immediately relevant to the student online experience. The company has a strong focus on social-emotional learning and works with teachers and school administrators to fit the curriculum into the school day and gives them data and analysis on the emotional status of their school.”

Online Safety Talk - Popular Science

In Popular Science’s article, “When to have the online-security talk with your kids,” Laura Tierney discusses The Social Institute’s Seven Social Standards for a healthier and safer online environment. These standards guide students to make high-character decisions and are adaptable based on individual family values. 



The Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) highlights The Social Institute’s seven social standards as an available resource for educators who want to learn more about Digital Citizenship. Our #WinAtSocial curriculum incorporates social media, SEL, and digital citizenship along with a new web-based and gamified curriculum that partners with CASEL. 

Parents Magazine

When it comes to kids navigating the social world, The Social Institute knows how to support all guardians. Parents Magazine quoted CEO and founder Laura Tierney  in their article “#BeNice,” about “cyber-backing, it means having each other’s backs online; speaking up for someone, sending a supportive text to a friend.” 


ABC11 logoThe North Carolina Attorney General announced he is launching a nationwide investigation into Instagram. So, ABC11 interviewed Laura Tierney about the connection between social media and mental health, “Just like schools have sex ed or driver’s ed, it’s important that parents and schools are coming together in partnership to make this education around social media and technology available to students.”


About The Social Institute

The Social Institute partners with schools nationwide to empower students, families, and educators to positively navigate social-emotional health, social media, and technology. Schools access our student-respected, turnkey curriculum through, an interactive, gamified learning platform. With solutions for students, parents, and educators, we offer a systemic and comprehensive SEL program through a unique and positive approach. We are proud to serve public and independent partners such as Ravenscroft School, Woodward Academy, Oldfields School, All Saints Episcopal School, Lake Forest School District, Boston Public Schools, and more. For more information on how to empower your students to make high-character decisions online and off, please contact us.