We equip your students, parents, and faculty through a forward-thinking approach to digital citizenship.


Are your students:

  • Using social media without regard to future consequences?
  • Hyper-focused on how many “likes” they get?
  • Anxious due to gossiping, online drama, or cyberbullying?
  • Unaware of the private info they’re sharing publicly?

The stakes have never been higher: growing numbers of admissions officers and employers are using social media to evaluate applicants. But how can we reach teens when their brains haven’t even developed to the point of understanding consequences and sound judgment?

Leading schools are adopting positive, systemic solutions to social media education that meet students at their level. Because hey, students are ahead of the curve with this stuff. 

That’s where we come in.

How we help schools:

Student Pump Up TalkParent Huddle
We coach students to “Win At Social Media,” an inspiring, one-of-a-kind presentation that encourages students to think about social media in a whole new light. Content is tailored to the Middle School or Upper School body, ensuring students open their ears and leave with lasting takeaways.Parents love leaving our presentations with a new, positive approach to social media. In our 1.5 hour huddle, you will learn about emerging platforms for teens, safe privacy settings, and how to enforce high standards with tech. Go the extra step and get a discounted subscription to our Social Locker Room for your parent community.
Interactive Student WorkshopsWin At Social Curriculum
One of the most powerful ways to help students navigate social media: get them discussing real-life scenarios and smart decisions with their peers. Workshop topics are customized to grade levels 5th to 12th. Contact Us for our lineup of workshop topics.Our most dynamic and systemic approach to social media education. Fueled by a train-the-trainer model, we lock arms with faculty to continually educate parents and students around this ever-changing world. Implemented by the #1 ranked private school in NC, Ravenscroft School.
Social Locker Room
Login to our Social Locker Room, the ultimate way to help your children win the game of social. What’s inside? Playbooks, game footage, practice moves, pep talks, and more (obviously). Suit up!

To learn more about the best play(s) for your school, please get in touch and we can schedule a call. Contact us today. 


What schools are saying:


"We are thrilled to engage in a three year partnership with Laura Tierney and The Social Institute. Our students and parents have longed for a sustained, systemic message about how to connect conversations, use, and education about technology and social media. Laura's engaging, positive, and developmentally appropriate work with our faculty, students, and parents allows us to have an ongoing, supportive, and educational dialogue about how to leverage social media for respectful outcomes. We feel our commitment to community health must include such a systemic educational approach to understanding the potential positive impact "social" can bring. The Social Institute is changing the way families and schools partner to understand "social." Glad to be a part of it."
Susan Perry
Assistant Head of School for Student Affairs
Ravenscroft School
"At Christ School, we have had a number of speakers on the topic of social media, but The Social Institute was able to connect with our students in a more authentic way than I’ve seen before. Laura's approach to “win at the social media game” was refreshing and informative to both our students and faculty. It’s clear that Laura's extensive background working with high profile athletes gave enormous credence to our students in her real-life examples. I hope to continue working with Laura in creating a social media curriculum for all grades in the future."
Jeff Miles
Director of Student Life
Christ School
“The Social Institute's seminar on first generational digital coaching is a must for all parents! Laura's approach to social media and adolescence is unique and simultaneously educational and refreshing. In a matter of minutes, she levels the playing field between parents and children by explaining the different platforms, their organization, intent, purpose and how to navigate them. As a parent of four children, I entered the seminar deeply concerned about the potential negative impact of social media in the short and long-term. I never considered that it could have a positive or impactful benefit. Laura seminar changed that. I left inspired by all the fresh, new and positive communication techniques she shares to put you and your child in control of these social media platforms. Education is power and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from Laura.”
Amy Hepburn
Mom of four
Executive Director of WomenOne

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