There are many things you shouldn’t do in life, but what if that was all anyone taught you?

You wouldn’t know what to do, period. By focusing on the do’s of social media instead of the don’ts, we aim to equip and inspire, not scare.

With input from students, parents, and world-class leaders across the country, we use real-life examples and social scenarios to show you what using social media positively looks like. And when each social choice you make is positive, we call it “winning.”

You’ll read “win the game of social” many times in our work because we believe social media is the biggest game in the world, one that can be won or lost. And in a world where we get one reputation, it’s never been more important to win.

You see, social media is, simply, being social. To most teens, there is no distinction. Posting to platforms often happens during physical socializing, and posts themselves are becoming increasingly interactive in real time (live-streaming is a prime example).

We believe being social in positive ways can strengthen reputations, encourage and inspire others, help seize collegiate and career opportunities, and even change the world for the better.

We believe this because we’ve lived it, navigated it, studied it, and leveraged it to positively shape our own lives and the lives of others, including teenagers, parents, Olympic athletes, and business leaders¬†across the United States.

Our positive approach to social learning aims to:

  1. Fuel the well-being and potential of students
  2. Increase trust and communication between students and their parents and school educators
  3. Strengthen self-esteem in a world often powered by the number of likes and views
  4. Improve students’ moral and real-time decision making

We’re all playing this game of social together. Ready to learn how to play your best? Game on.