Reflecting on 2022: What students wish teachers knew about issues impacting their learning and well-being

Past Webinar | December 14, 2022

A recent study done by EdWeek Research Center revealed that 86% of educators place some or a lot of emphasis on SEL, while 83% believe social and emotional education positively impacts student academics. It’s no surprise that social media goes hand-in-hand with student well-being. In fact, 80% of teens say that what they see online makes them feel more connected to what is going on in their friends’ lives. In this webinar, student leaders reflect on what student well-being efforts worked in 2022 and in what areas we can improve to continue to support students. 

Watch this webinar in which we talk directly with student leaders about the effective and ineffective ways their schools approached student well-being, social media education, and current events.

In this webinar, TSI Student Ambassadors “coach up” and share:

  • How social media and tech affect their social-emotional health and academics
  • Common mistakes educators make when addressing student well-being, social media, and tech 
  • Effective ways their educators have implemented SEL and social media education you can incorporate in 2023

Featured Speakers

Mari Edler is a student artist and entrepreneur based in Southern California! She is 17 years old and a senior at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School. Recently, she completed her Girl Scout Gold Award project, the highest honor a Scout can receive, after being a Girl Scout for over 12 years. Her project focused on combating the pandemic’s influence on child development through the use of art therapy. In addition, Mari is currently Senior Class Co-President for her local National Charity League chapter, a mother-daughter volunteer organization. She has been with NCL for 6 years and has completed over 300 hours of community service. Mari’s current endeavors are being the Content and Writing Committee Leader for The Social Institute, and helping found NEXUS, a social token launchpad and crypto trading platform for creators, businesses, and communities. As an avid artist, some of her favorite artistic mediums include digital, clay, charcoal, wire, cosplay, leather, watercolor, and she is currently exploring the world of 3D modeling/printing and art in virtual reality. 


Gerrett Broussard is a senior at St.Christopher’s School in Midlothian, VA. In addition to leading the Social Media Committee for The Social Institute’s Student Ambassador, he is also a Varsity Soccer Captain and Wrestler, Peer Advisor, President of his school’s Black Student Union, and Vice President of the Art & Design Club.





Victoria Fitlin is a junior in the 2022 – 2023 school year at the Ranney School. She has attended multiple schools, both in America and Europe, where she focuses her studies on STEM and literature. She enjoys learning new languages, traveling, and competitive gymnastics, which she has participated in throughout her childhood. In addition, Victoria co-leads our Student Ambassador Operations Committee.