How to flip the script on cyberbullying with an award-winning advocate, educator, and mentor

Past Webinar | October 19, 2023

With 60% of students reporting that they have witnessed cyberbullying, this challenge is blending into school life more and more. Sometimes issues starting at home pop up in school, and the other way around. So, how’s your school continuously adapting its policies and strategies to keep everyone safe from online bullying?

During National Bullying Prevention Month, we spoke with Lisa-Michelle Kucharz who has been through the rough side of cyberstalking and harassment herself. Instead of just getting through it, she decided to make a difference. She teamed up with state officials to fight online bullying for kids and adults. The result? New York passed a law to create a task force specifically dedicated to exploring cyberbullying and measures to address it.

Watch this important Q&A to learn:

  • The latest on what studies are saying about online bullying and what students face.
  • Different approaches schools can use to handle online bullying, whether it’s in elementary, middle, or high school.
  • How to make school a place where everyone’s got each other’s back online, turning the tables from cyberbullying into cyberbacking.

Featured Presenter

LisaMichelle Kucharz is a cyberbullying and online abuse prevention advocate. She was the target of cyberstalking and harassment, but she chose to fight back and won a groundbreaking international case. She inspired New York State legislation to create a cyberbullying task force and is dedicated to helping diminish online abuse for youth and adults. She shares her experiences and lessons learned while facilitating cyberbullying prevention workshops. She also has helped school administrators craft policies addressing cyberbullying. Her story has been shared in media outlets, such as NBC New York, CBS New York, Newsday, News12, MyFox8, and MSN News.