How to equip students to navigate their modern world through inspiring characters and positive storytelling

Past Webinar | February 23, 2023

Remember those old-school days when you watched Sesame Street or read Harry Potter? Those stories and characters probably had some impact on what you liked, what you believed in, and how you saw yourself.

Nowadays, with so much ever-evolving social media and technology around, it’s crucial to have someone, real or fictional, to teach students important life skills. That’s why Casper Pieters focuses on “edufiction”.  As an author, scientist, and editor, he combines cool stories with important lessons to teach students life skills for the modern world.

Watch this webinar to hear from Casper Pieters and learn all about edufiction. Attendees learn:

  • The 9 elements of digital citizenship, based on his series Bindi & Beam and Team Savv-i
  • How to make digital citizenship more relatable to students
  • Practical discussion questions and activities to do with your students

Featured Speaker

Casper Pieters was inspired at an early age to become a writer, having family involved in the international poetry circuit and getting to meet provocative authors such as Allen Ginsberg. Since then, he wakes up at 4:30 am each day with a head full of ideas and is never at a loss for content to write about.

While working in the secondary school sphere developing an e-learning platform about digital citizenship, Pieters discovered that very little good story-telling was available to young teens on this topic and what existed was mostly alarmist in nature. This inspired him to create thrilling and adventurous material through his Team Savv-i series, combining fictional narratives with educational technology information, which could be used in a classroom setting.

Pieters believes that there are many ways to create a wonderful story, and apart from all the story writing techniques to make this happen, his most important overriding criteria is that his reader learns valuable knowledge without realizing it. He would like his readers to be empowered to embrace the future with a deeper understanding and to remain ‘human’ during the greatest transformation that is happening to our species and our world through living in a digital world.

Casper Pieters is a marine biologist who made science documentaries before deciding to become a teacher; he now does virtual presentations to schools. When he isn’t writing captivating IT adventure stories, Pieters enjoys spending time with his wife, also a teacher and an abstract painter. Together they have raised three daughters, a son, two dogs, two cats, six sheep, a bull, and a llama on the Mornington Peninsula, just south of Melbourne.