How Innovative Schools Teach CASEL Competencies with Current Events: From Mask Mandates to the 9/11 Anniversary

Past Webinar | September 16, 2021

Today, nearly one-third of U.S citizens are under the age of 25 with little or no first-hand memories of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City. The present-day events in Afghanistan, with links to the 9/11 attacks, play out in culture, discourse, and perspectives and make the topic even more relevant. At the same time, mask and vaccine mandates are discussed daily and directly impact students.

How can educators address such significant and sensitive topics effectively?

Watch this 30-minute discussion that explores how educators can address current events in healthy ways – without polarizing students or families. Hear from educators and get a peek inside The Social Institute’s strategies for effective, healthy discussions.

Attendees learned about:

  • Supporting positive classroom discussion about unity and resilience
  • Navigating important topics that impact students directly, even if they are polarizing 
  • When to bring current events into the classroom without losing students’ attention
  • Finding positive steps students can take to build stronger communities