How June’s Supreme Court Ruling Affects School Social Media Policies

Past Webinar | July 27, 2021

On June 23, 2021, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a high school cheerleader whose school punished her for an inappropriate Snapchat message. Understandably the school was concerned about its reputation. However, the student also has a right to express her frustrations online or off. So, how can educators empower students with healthier ways to use social media to communicate their feelings that won’t reflect poorly on the student or the school?

The answer lies in providing practical and actionable tips to help students balance their negative emotions with strong coping skills.

Learn these tips and more in our on-demand webinar during which we:

  • Explored the balance between what schools can and cannot monitor 
  • Addressed why it is important for schools to proactively coach their students to use social media and tech in positive ways
  • Provided tools that educators can use to teach students how to express themselves in both positive and negative situations

Guest Presenter:

Dr. William Koski is an accomplished clinical teacher and litigator, and the founder and director of the Stanford Law School’s Youth and Education Law Project (YELP). He has been a faculty member of Stanford Law School for 20 years and he has experience teaching multidisciplinary graduate seminars and courses in educational law and policy. The Social Institute is thrilled to have him as a guest speaker.