Navigating Cancel Culture and the Impact on Student Wellbeing

Past Webinar | May 6, 2021

A national trend of cancel culture is creeping into the classroom, and teachers are ill-equipped to manage complex and sometimes emotional situations with students and their peers. In this webinar, we provided practical advice for fostering healthy discussion, empowering both teachers and students, and building healthy school communities.

Attendees learned:
  • How cancel culture is negatively impacting learning experiences
  • Examples of cancel culture in the classroom and the fear that it creates
  • Why schools must be addressing timely student trends and sensitive topics 
  • How educators can support healthy conversation during advisory and beyond  


Laura TierneyCombining her sports leadership experience with her career managing social media for world-class brands, Laura bridges the gap between adults and students as one of the nation’s leading pioneers in positive social media education. During the 10 years she worked in social media, she helped build social strategies and campaigns for leading brands including Duke Men’s Basketball, ESPN, Samsung, Oakley, and Disney. A graduate of Duke University, she became a 4x Duke All-American, 2-time team captain, and Duke Athlete of the Decade for field hockey.