Advice from Students: 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Teaching About Social Media

Past Webinar | December 14, 2021

When it comes to social-emotional learning and social media education, student voice is more important than ever. After all, most students are ahead of the game with technology, and many lessons on navigating tech positively don’t pass their “snicker-test”.

In this webinar, student leaders “coach up” and share actionable tips to help your school foster student-respected discussion about social media and technology. The Social Institute’s Student Ambassadors share Do’s and Don’ts to level up your social media education and social-emotional learning.

In this webinar, discover what students think are:

  • The newest, most popular social media apps and trends among 6th-12th graders
  • Best-in-class strategies educators are using to engage 100% of students in the class
  • Traps to avoid when discussing social media with teenagers