Using #WinAtSocial LIVE


1. What is #WinAtSocial LIVE?

#WinAtSocial LIVE enables schools to proactively address current events and trending topics that matter to students. LIVE was created in collaboration with student leaders across the country and The Social Institute’s Research Advisory Committee, a select group of psychologists and child development experts.

2. Our school currently uses the #WinAtSocial Curriculum with students, parents, and educators. Will we have access to #WinAtSocial LIVE?

If you are interested in adding #WinAtSocial LIVE to your partnership, please contact your school’s Partner Success Manager or email us at 

3. As a teacher, can I run #WinAtSocial LIVE Lessons if my students are in-person or remote?

Yes, teachers run #WinAtSocial LIVE either in-person in the classroom, or remotely by using any video-conferencing platform that has screen share capabilities. Zoom, UberConference, and Google Hangouts are examples of video-conferencing platforms that educators have used to successfully run #WinAtSocial LIVE with students remotely. 

To accommodate teachers’ preferences, we also offer a “Offline” version of the #WinAtSocial LIVE, enabling teachers to email themselves the lesson content. This allows your school to get away from screens and/or walk around and get outside while discussing important topics.

4. How do I start a #WinAtSocial LIVE lesson?

Starting a lesson with students is easy. Simply log in to #WinAtSocial and click on Lessons, select LIVE, select 5th-8th Grade or 9th-12th Grade, project your screen, and then click Generate Code. Note: Only partner schools of The Social Institute are able to log in and access #WinAtSocial Lessons. If you’re interested in becoming a partner school, contact us today

5. How long is a #WinAtSocial LIVE lesson?

Teachers are able to flex #WinAtSocial LIVE Lessons to best fit their schedule by using the pause, fast forward, or auto-play features. Our team has found that many educators are hosting LIVE Lessons anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes in length due to shortened advisories and community days during an abbreviated school schedule. 

6. Which web browsers and devices work with #WinAtSocial LIVE?

#WinAtSocial LIVE is a tech-friendly experience that can be accessed from any web browser. Students simply need a device to play: desktop computers, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, or smartphones. Teachers will need a desktop or laptop with audio, a large projector screen or TV monitor, and internet.

7. I may know students who would be excellent Student Mentors within #WinAtSocial. Can they participate?

Absolutely! #WinAtSocial is designed with and inspired by students across the country, and we’d love to have your students participate. Reach out to your Partner Success Manager to learn how to get your students involved.