March 17, 2017

Family Social Standards Agreement

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All family members sign this one-page agreement with nine standards that they commit to helping each other live up to. That’s right: Both parents and kids sign it. 

March 16, 2017

Password Lineup

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If something unexpected happens and you want access to your child’s social media accounts, you’ll need her login information: a username and password for each account. Perhaps you respect her desire for privacy and hesitate to ask her for this information. Maybe you already have and it’s posted on the door of the fridge. Or maybe you already log in as her on your own devices.

March 15, 2017

Platform Playbook

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This one-page PDF shows you at a glance how kids use the most popular and some of the lesser-known apps. Didn’t know your child could use Instagram to live stream? Or that an app called Calculator% is actually an anti-parent destination? Now you do. And 🌈🌟 The More You Know🌟🌈