How Greece Central School District is using real-time insights to better understand and empower students

The Greece Central School District is a public school district in New York State that serves approximately 10,775 students across 17 schools in the town of Greece, NY, located in Monroe County. This case study explores how Greece Central School District is implementing #WinAtSocial Insights to foster digital wellness and SEL among students, faculty, and the entire school community. 

Greece Central School District’s Challenges

  • How can we assess student well-being and trends to give school leaders actionable insights?
  • How can school leaders make data-informed decisions about school policy, teaching, and school culture to improve school culture?
  • How do we empower students to navigate social media and technology in healthy ways?
  • How do we equip faculty across all subjects with the skills they need to effectively talk to students about this ever-changing topic?


Greece Central School District