#WinAtSocial Summit 2021: Empowering Educators in SEL, Social Media, and Technology

Past Virtual Summit | August 18 & 19

The Social Institute’s #WinAtSocial Summit brought together thought-leaders and innovators to provide K-12 educators with insightful discussion and actionable strategies that support students’ social-emotional well-being as they return to school this fall.
During this #WinAtSocial Summit, attendees learned how to level up their school’s SEL efforts, prepare for fall, and address the impact of social media and technology on student well-being. We explored simple and effective strategies to navigate core competencies, from character development and soft skills to diversity and inclusion.

Watch the #WinAtSocial Summit now to discover the latest in modern SEL and social media trends for students, including: 

  • Social media pitfalls to avoid as students come back this fall
  • Understanding the relationship between SEL, social media, and DEI
  • Strategies for school-wide SEL and the culture conditions needed for stronger academic performance