Revealing 2021’s Biggest Trends with Students, Tech, and Social Media

Previous Webinar | March 11, 2021

Social media’s rapid evolution coupled with unprecedented access to advanced technology has forever flipped the script on social-emotional learning in the 21st century. As students’ thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors shift just as fast as technology itself, it’s no longer safe to carry over age-old assumptions that don’t reflect the modern times. Powered by tens of thousands of responses from all over the country, The Social Institute’s 2021 insights offers a real-time look at how students interact with an interconnected world. This 30-minute webinar presented The Social Institute’s Head of Content Micah Adams to dive deep into the latest data about all things students, tech, and social media.

Attendees learned:
  • How students from 5th to 12th grade navigate and socialize on social media
  • Popular trends, platforms, and decision making among students
  • Key gender differences in attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors online
  • What parents can do better to connect with children about social media


Micah Adams

Micah Adams leads content development at The Social Institute, where he produces #WinAtSocial Lessons, research, and other thought leadership content to support school communities nationwide. An experienced writer, editor, researcher, and producer, Micah has over a decade of experience building and leading best-in-class content teams for some of the world’s leading media companies.